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I forgot to do this one. Can we talk about the the toy story thing that I do want to turn the music down for this okay yeah so there's a group in the U._S.. Launched an online petition complaining a Beta tiny reference of a same couple in toy story four same couple. It's same sex couple basically if you blink you're GONNA miss it. It's at the the beginning when they go to the daycare center. It's two moms dropping off and picking up a child and people right people signing a petition saying that it's telling people that it's okay for that that toy choice stories promoting this so it's so ridiculous but it's out there and the stories all over the place where you really helping by telling you. I live in a house where you know you don't think like this so I just doesn't make any sense to me that I don't know heard. The piggy bank in the slinky dog are get out all right. Thank you Daniel K. so yeah Jason Momoa you know how much Daniel you don't have much. Our sister loves Jason. Memo Oregon's Gandhi is Jason Momoa Woah obsessed status so anyway he was recently on vacation and shared some photos with his shirt off and he's a little less chisel than it used to be so now they're saying the dead bodies in. I know how you can compare Jason. MOMOA slightly less chiseled body to a dad bod but they are but listen people were saying things like Oh. We're anyway like Oh my God what happened what happened to your ABS. Someone else said someone needs to start lifting again. Ridiculous here shirtless Selfie another dissatisfied Fan said Oh been working on your dad belly. People are a halls anyway I saw the pictures and he still looks wonderful exactly I honestly looked like the difference between him flexing and not flexing and that's it. It's not that bad shooting newfangled Aqua- dad would watch it. That's a dad bod bringing look at that. They call it a dead body..

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