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If you want it or read more about this go to the website espn dot com it's on the nfl page right now the evaluation of the quarterbacks for this particular draft man thanks for making more time for us we appreciate aamir thank you guys you guys brother take care dan glaviano with this year are coming up next can the rams jumble the standard i'll explain what that means next thanks to g dandruff ziane over joining us there i don't want bigger mayfield i don't i don't think he's the next russell wilson things and extra breeze why because those things don't come around that often okay that's it like i just don't think i just think that we fallen it's kinda like the opposite of porzingis right however one was like or you don't want darko enemy night right and then he just when everyone thinks that all he could be this a generally doesn't tend to work out at and ultimately when you play i feel like college quarterbacks in particular when they play in a clean pocket like that met liner was a perfect example of this okay when you play in a clean pocketing never get hit in college and then you go to a team in the nfl we they have crowd at a crappy often zip line 'cause you're going to a bad team right yeah it doesn't tend to work out as well i mean there stood as me that you discount someone who has headed a successful career in the finger i i'd like to the now he's underground owledge career i mean he's had more than a great courage grew we consider effect he was a walk on twice and then eventually becomes the heisman trophy where great store it tells you something about his character and his mental makeup as well and there perhaps you may be some.

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