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Energy center by a police officer according to the Enquirer he says the crowd at the budget hearing turned into a mom a man from pleasant ridge had just spoken on behalf of the Cincinnati police department in the crowd didn't like that the candidate for mayor says we're supposed to listen to each other you can listen to councilman man later this morning when he tells more the story to Scott Sloan he says he's open to holding another hearing hi Matt Rees news radio seven hundred WLW the Lebanon post of the state highway patrol investigating after a fatal accident just before eight last night the accident happening in Clear Creek township on state route seventy three near bottle hill that's where Chevy truck driven by a forty eight year old Tommy Abner of Wilmington went left of center collided with a Honda civic driven by fifty one year old Jerry Murray of Waynesville miss Marie pronounced dead at the scene impairment is suspected in the fatal crash full contact sports can resume in Ohio starting June the second check that June twenty second that means football and basketball players will be able to resume scrimmages and full training on June twenty second low contact sports like golf softball and tennis were allowed to resume last month well most of the restaurants were closed during the shutdown forced by covert nineteen people were packing the grocery store Kroger says its sales in the first quarter of this fiscal year jumped nineteen percent grocery store chain based here saw even bigger jump in their digital sales clicklist business up ninety two percent in March April and may total learning to Kroger one point two billion dollars and that's a half billion dollar more than for the same period a year ago Berger's chief financial officer says the pandemic dramatically change the outlook for food retail and twenty twenty but he says there are many unknown factors regarding the long term impact of covert nineteen and the effect that will have on the bottom line I'm Brian copes news radio seven hundred WLW Wall Street let's find out how stocks did yesterday H. again with A. B. C.'s Derry all stocks slipped between small gains and losses with rising levels of covert nineteen cases diminishing hopes for a speedy economic recovery the Dow closed down forty points a loss of less than a percent the nasdaq rose thirty three and the S. and P. five hundred closed up to both up less than a percent the markets have been showing more apprehension lately following a nearly forty percent rally for stocks that began late in March surprisingly strong reports on retail sales and employment had investors confident as governors ease up on lockdown orders but there are a lot of signs that the recovery could be long and it could be slow the labor department says about one and a half million Americans plied for unemployment benefits last week another indication that a lot of jobs that were lost at the start of the pandemic will not be coming back Hong Kong Disneyland has reopened after a major drop in corona virus cases in the Chinese territory the park is owned by the Walt Disney company which is the parent company of ABC news teria opener ABC news looks like sunshine today with a slight chance of some afternoon rain but get ready for the heat Austin returns with your weekend forecast coming up seven hundred WLW news time approaching five oh six do you have constipation with belly pain.

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