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With no future payments. We sold our policy now, we can relax and enjoy our retirement as we planned if you have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life insurance, you may qualify to sell your policy. Call Coventry direct at one eight hundred five hundred twenty eight hundred or visit coventrydirect dot com. That's Coventry direct dot com. One eight hundred five hundred twenty eight hundred Coventry direct redefining insurance. Coventry direct marketing company for qualified. Policies to licensed entity. If you're thinking of buying a used vehicle, you will what to yourself to shop. Pat O'Brien Chevrolet before you buy. We've got the area's largest selection of glean cars and trucks all front priced to save you time and money. Our used inventory has every mickan model of car truck SUV at we're adding more daily our used vehicles or quality check to ensure you'll be proud of your purchase with four convenient locations. There's a Pat O'Brien Chevrolet you. We got him. Come get that paddle. Brian chevrolet. Hi, I'm Caitlyn Rogers asking you to support my father, John Rogers to continue as our state Representative. I'm an elementary school teacher and growing up. My dad taught me the value of honesty and integrity. My dad is not a typical politician. He believes working together is the best approach to solving problems in our communities. His hard work is an example of how much he cares about other people. I hope you will join me in supporting my dad state Representative John Rogers paid for by the friends of John Rogers. Join WINZ it matter corners plaza Saturday, October twenty seven from eleven till two for a bear of kindness collection, presented by Pat O'Brien Chevrolet, bring a new teddy bear or stuffed animal for first responders to give the children in traumatic situations. Visit these plaza businesses that day next to me intimate apparel along with Great Lakes. Boutique mentor blinds Manhattan deli. Eerie optical trysts Salonen spa in mentor hardware, come me. WFAN tease. John Kupa with.

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