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Npr this morning the us senate is poised today to consider the for the people act. This is a proposed bill to set standards for elections and protect voting rights opponents. Call it a federal overreach. It is not expected to pass It's a response of course to state legislative efforts including voting bill blocked at the last minute during the regular legislative session here in texas which critic say would set limits on voter access in that of course was a response to what harris county did last election cycle with drive thru voting expanded early voting hours and sending out mass mailings with applications for mail in balloting. What would you like to see done or not done for that matter. When it comes to voting. More than anything. I would like these attempts to make policy based on the lie that there was massive voter fraud to stop because Not only do policies like What was tried here in texas right. They tried to make it easier to turn elections they tried to in the state legislature. They tried to pass a provision that would have banned voting before one pm on sundays with would have been a an affront and attack on the souls to the polls programs in african american churches and the church then from there go to vote would've allowed poll-watchers to to video record. Voters as their voting. All chris know they're saying it was a typo which is hard to believe. Even if you're you're very generous that you could change the you know. Accidentally put the number one for one pm. They say was meant to be eleven. Am and then accidentally european instead of a m and And somehow there's there's fraud before eleven. Pm but not before one pm so it's just kind of You know all of hurts participation and unnecessarily so because there's no evidence of massive fraud in any way in those kinds of situation but most importantly it hurts trust in the democratic system and the electoral system. When you repeat a a mystery so much that you're making policy on it that just tears you down at the fabric of our democracy and so i welcome legislation at the federal level that will keep the kinds of policies from passing Whatever it is that is going to make it harder to vote without evidence of the need for those policies Very important to bipartisan participation. In this it's a dangerous time when we make voting elections The democracy itself in a way a partisan issue can't be a wedge issue and. That's why i'm so proud of the leaders. In particularly the the a business leaders mma companies that have spoken out around this faith leaders. You know folks who really have no partisan affiliation that that is so important And we really needed it. It's You know. The latest was the..

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