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Club. Friday and loves the come into club friday with every friday at nine thirty the professor whirlwind day across the nfl. Some chalk some surprising. Let's get the professors insight. John clayton my guy for years sports. Talk seven hundred. Joins us on the sean salisbury shows. He does every week. Johnny let me start here. Welcome in my man. I know we still got a bunch of days left of this but in the first round when you went to bed last night Who left you scratching your head with a what did they do. I'm probably i mean the way. The giants handled that trade that that had me scratching my head. Here's jacob gentleman who's never except for last night Made a trade now and he's at eleven you he wants to and again. Obviously he's a general manager. Who needs to win this year. And he wants to surround is quarterback. Daniel jones was as much as possible. And so what the ended up doing. I mean he ends up trading down given justin field so the chicago bears which was a great move by chicago but in return they got To mid round picks and if a number one pick next year and then they come down and they take xavier's tony a wide receiver. Who is probably gonna be drafted like twenty five or twenty six now remember. This is supposed to be a draft that has according to scott mckittrick and carolina and others. Maybe only sixteen first rounders. I mean you get a clear. Second rounder with your first round. Pick out eleven in john john. What about the raiders. There they always wanna believe your head scratching. I mean a lot of people are saying the same thing about alex leatherwood nine. Oh he's a ballot. I mean a saving guy. five first rounders from alabama. You kind of trust what they do. I guess but it seems like they could have got this guy in the second round. Maybe i mean i know. He's a good player. But the raiders again discuss stuff different that has people wondering what the hell is. is in their thinking in the drafter him. Yeah because it doesn't seem like a plan. Tevin jenkins i've thought would have been a better choice and that's the guy that i think tom cable. The line coach wanted Because he's a little better athlete. Good block at the right side. And whether would i had before the kansas city trade for orlando browns. I haven't going to thirty one with kansas city and clearly. I mean he's got a lows. I got a high second round grade and could have gone in the second round. He wouldn't have made it to the raiders but first number one you take leatherwood over jenkins didn't like that and then number two you come back and You didn't do anything to help your defense you know in the defense is hurting and so You know i. I think jank is what it better choice. So that was a head scratcher. John clayton professor joins us here on the shahnaz show john. What of these five quarterbacks initially in twenty twenty one who's going to the best situation to start and win Well i mean i. I don't necessarily know. Mac jones is going to be able to start and win that job over cam newton You know 'cause he's still think that even though jones is probably the second most equipped to be on the field. But i think he's a great situation because you know he goes to a better team. We can talk about You know what's there for Zack wilson with the jets. It's bad team. Trevor lawrence is the best quarterback. But he's on a bad team then of course you have trae lance. He's not gonna play this year. And so i guess you could say the second best job is probably going to be justin field in chicago but then what you wonder about is like okay. How are you going to sort out the cap mess. That's going to be there. Because i mean you pay ten point five million dollars for andy dalton then came back and you still have nick foles on your roster but he has a nine million dollar base guarantee and so you know. Nobody's gonna wanna pick that up. I don't know if you're going to have to give him away in a trade with like teddy bridgewater was giving away in carolina. So that's gonna be a mess and right now. The bears don't have enough to even signed her draft choices. All right so john wayland maybe backtrack here And i like jimmy. You talked about jimmy. I think he's really solid player. I do i. I think he takes him undue flack because he was on a good team and isn't like the explosive flashy arm but he's a solid player but some people think that he has a ceiling and obviously kyle to or they wouldn't trade it up in essence three first rounders flop in one. You know flip in there with men in the trade and then two other ones a twenty two and twenty three. But you say will lance isn't gonna play this year the first time jimmy garoppolo if lance does well picks it up quickly the first time jimmy throws two picks and they're one in one or one and two to start. We've you and i had this conversation about baker the back in the day and say i. They're gonna start right off the bat you saw. Well it's probably better for them to sit. Do you still subscribe to that. Because if they're playing the same or they're equal traits has to play and no matter what jimmy garoppolo does. This is his last year in san francisco even if they made it to the nfc championship game. He's getting moved also he's doing is auditioning to raise stakes for him. I'm still not convinced he's going to be season starts. Now he'll be there with season. starts now. because where's it gonna go. I mean that's the one thing that they've limited because chicago. Getting a guy at that is the one thing that new england getting their guy. That's the one reason we saying earlier that you could see jimmy coming back because it's limit what we're where's he going now because those were a couple of spaces where we thought. Maybe it moved. John d. pressure in the kyle. Talking about what. We moved up to three to get a quarterback to start. I mean if lance shows those flashes that we believe he has house. Jimmy going to stave this off on a really good team. I just don't seem plan this year because the understand at the end of the season. Cow this off that he says. I like the idea of what kansas city. Did you take a first round quarterback and you sit him for the first year and you know you know that. This is a very complex type of offense that he runs and it takes time to be able to learn it and so You know i. I just can't envision any way the trae lance is going to be ready by the first game of the regular season particularly if he's not going to be involved in any of the offseason program now the offseason program can help him doing. Ot as if he does come in. We'll see how the draft choices handled that. But i think it's a very difficult thing to do. And i don't think there's an urgency there because i think you know they it's not like cal shanahan's fighting for his job when he signed a six year extension and you know that he's gonna be there for a long period of time. I mean he's looking more with lance for two thousand and twenty two and he wants to win now and so You know the one thing that You know kinda tipped off that he might have been the guy. Is that back at the beginning of the off season you know he went to lance and says listen i have a guy john cusack good friend of mine used to be a quarterback in chicago and i i'd like you to train with him and john beck handle him 'cause he fired his trainer and went with him. And you know 'cause you train quarterbacks that's a real important thing and so John belk counted kept him involved and Kept him informed of what was going on. And so in the end they ended up taking trae lance but again taking with the idea that he's not gonna play this year. You make a great point. Because as good as alex smith was and they went to the play offs jimmy. It's almost it's almost eerie. Similar right john that no matter what. Alex did atlas playing the next year. And no matter what jimmy no matter what you. All's it is is to increase. Jimmy's value that if he plays really good football then you can go steal a high second. Rounder a low. I if he plays great football then you still get a interesting. That's an jimmy's prove he can stay on the field to which has been a problem. The last couple of years right. John aaron rodgers. Do you believe that he's.

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