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So I have a confession to make my hair is not spiritual enough. See if you haven't seen a picture of me, I have this really short pixie cut like really, really short. And it's not one of those pixie cuts where like you gotta leg blow dry and flat, iron and use product and all kinds of stuff like that. Ain't nobody got time for that. I've super straight hair, I super shirt, pixie cut. I basically wash my hair I do condition. I do condition. I'm proud of myself. I actually put conditioner in my hair, and then I let it dry. And if I have to do something, I spread some stuff on it that I got at the salon that makes it look like it has some texture and I'm good to go. So what does that have to do with being spiritual or not being spiritual? Well, I was at Gabby Bernstein, spirit junkie. Masterclass. It's a three day event, and I was looking around and I was noticing, everybody's hair, and everybody had this really nice long hair. There were a few ladies like myself, who were rocking pixie. But for the most part, people had pretty nice long hair, and in general, I notice most of the female entrepreneurs that I follow had this really long luxuriant hair, like Marie folios hair. I just the whole time. I'm watching TV. I'm just looking at her hair. It's so luxuriance and like Gabby Bernstein, long blond hair Danielle LaPorte woman's got here for days. So I was sitting there and I was thinking to myself, and I think this was kind of like on Saturday morning, I was thinking to myself. I'm not spiritual enough and nobody's going to take me seriously as a spiritual entrepreneur, because I don't have long luxury, his hair, and maybe I should think about growing out my hair. Let's stop for a minute. And think about how ridiculous it like when I say it, it sounds so ridiculous. And so I turned to my friend Jennifer who met at the spirit junkie masterclass, and we room together, shat out, girl. And I told her, and I told the other ladies around us what I was thinking, and we'll had a good laugh about my lack of spiritual hair. And so the joke for the rest of the weekend was Melissa. Your hair isn't spiritual enough. You can't be spiritual. You don't have spiritual hair. So guys, I don't have spiritual hair. So it sounds ridiculous. Right. But here's the deal. That's a stupid story or what other people would call a limiting belief. I'm I'm more real. I call them stupid stories that we tell ourselves can we tell ourselves a lot of stupid stories in life. And that's one of my stupid stories was that nobody's gonna take me seriously as a spiritual entrepreneur, because I have a pixie cut because I've short hair because I don't have long luxurious speech. Ritual hair. There's all kinds of stupid stories you might be telling yourself stupid stories like I can't start my business because I don't have enough money yet or can't start podcast because I don't have a good name for it. Are stupid stories are things that actually keep us from achieving peace in prosperity, and they're just our egos way of holding us back. And they're also based on our fears, the real thing behind my stupid story is that it was yet another way to keep me from trying to live my dream because I'm afraid that if I try if I just go for it, I'm gonna fail. You might be tying yourself things like, oh, I can't, I can't start this business. I don't know enough yet. I'm not connected with the right people. I don't know the right people yet our need to lose the weight. I before I do whatever it is. I. I need my energy, get some investors. I need more money. I can't just I don't have enough money to start this business. I just I don't I need to wait. There's too much competition. It's too late. I'm too old. I'm too young have kids, I'm too busy. I don't have a good enough idea. You can tell yourself stupid stories for ever about why you can't do whatever it is that you really want to do. But you're telling yourself these stupid stories because you're afraid to fail. I'm telling myself stupid stories about why I can't start a podcast because I'm afraid to fail. I bought like a fancy podcast do Hickey. And, and I haven't set it up yet. So I can't record my podcast. Of course. I could just set up this microphone thing that I haven't put a pillow behind achieve the same result. Right. But no, that's not professional enough. Guess what? I need to embrace the hashtag, so profession it got me through mommy, greasy show on YouTube, everybody. Loved. Us because we were not professional enough. Well, we were not as professional as other people on YouTube, they embraced our imperfection. They loved our imperfection because it was relatable. Guess what your imperfections are relatable? My lack of spiritual hair is relatable. I told myself stories stupid stories about why I cannot be motivational speaker and a life coach for twenty five years. I'm not gonna go into all of the stupid stories trust me. They were more stupid than I don't have spiritual enough hair. But I'm not doing it anymore. I'm here I'm here with a pillow a kiss mouse pad underneath a microphone, some notebook, paper, scribbled bunch of stuff on it. Can't read, and I'm recording podcast. That's right. I haven't been starting this podcast. I have a lot of ideas for the. Podcast. I have a whole trello board full of podcast ideas and notes. And I've had this board going for months. I've learned everything there is to know about podcasting. I listened to podcast why haven't I started a podcast because I can't think of a cool name for my podcast. I mean, Jenner cookers got gold, diggers and referrals, got Marie TV, and I can't think of anything, and all the good names are taken, and there's nothing that goes with my name, my name doesn't rhyme with anything. So I'm lying there after doing some yoga this morning. And I'm lying Shiva's where I'm supposed to be quiet mine, quiet body. But of course, my head is spinning about need to come up with a name for my podcast. And while I'm lying there. God, said, well, okay, God's voice sounds suspiciously. Like my voice in my own head, by the way. But God said just go for it, and then I thought that's the name of my podcast. Yes. It's a stupid name, but you know what? I'm just going to go for it. Because if I we until I come up with the perfect name, I'm gonna be ninety nine years old, and starting a podcast, so here I am just going for it. And here you are listening to me soc-, it worked whatever stupid stories you're telling yourself about why you can't do whatever it is that you want to do just know that they're just stupid stories and their stories. You're telling yourself, it's not anything that anybody else's really thinking or believing. It's all in your head. It's all you, creating your own blocks. Your own speed bumps and detours to keep you from finding peace and prosperity. Because you're afraid you're afraid that if you put yourself out there gin you'll fail. Guess what you might fail. I have failed so many times, I have failed. Spectacularly in fifty years of life. Trust me, I have failed. I have gone down in a flaming blaze of glory. But I have also succeeded massively I have a chief things I never would have dreamed of and every time that I did that every time that I exceeded my expectations succeeded on a massive scale blew my own mind. It was because I just went for it. And I just I swear to God, I got offered a promotion they were like we want you to go and take over Manhattan operations in fix Manhattan Manhattan's in trouble, Melissa near the person to fix it. And I said, I'm going for it. I'm gonna get on a train yet, I'm gonna go to Manhattan every day. Guess what didn't even know what trained to get on had no idea how to use? The subway wasn't even exactly sure how to a cab didn't know where the. Treats were, but I figured it's a grid. How hard could it be cannot tell you how many times I went to the wrong location? But I never lit onto the people who work for me that I didn't know, everything there was to know about Manhattan, and I learned learned as I went along. And you know what I succeeded massively massively I took Manhattan which was a region. That was in the red. That was hemorrhaging money. And in twelve months, I turned that puppy around into a hugely profitable region because I just went for it, whatever you're stupid stories are that you're telling yourself, just know that they're stupid stories you may not be able to stop them. Trust me. I still think about the spiritual hair, but now I laugh now I laugh, when I look at Marie folio, and I'm like, gosh. She's got such beautiful hair, I think to myself, and I've got hair. It doesn't matter that my hair isn't long and luxurious, nobody's going to care because it's what's inside me that matters. I could be bald, bald in spiritual vote is monks are even the Buddhist nuns are bald, right. Who would tell you that a Buddhist nun is not spiritual enough? Right. Whatever your stupid story is that you're telling yourself or stupid stories that you're telling yourself, just kind of let them float on by, but don't listen to them, and don't let them hold you back from doing. You just gotta do it. Just go for it, whatever it is decide right now. Right. This minute. That if this crazy woman sitting with a pillow behind a microphone with her unspiritual pixie cut can put herself out there with a podcast with a stupid name. I can do whatever it is..

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Manhattan, Gabby Bernstein, Youtube discussed on Melissa Hunter

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