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And chat here than I've ever heard him when you try to interview Mike Evans you got a private words out of his mouth Chris I have figured out the key to interviewing Mike Evans you do it over an Xbox or PS four connection then all of a sudden he's chatty very chatty very excited about having Tom Brady I mean this is a guy who who played in college with Johnny Mann Zell talk about a dramatic rise in the maturity level of quarterback that he's been with over the years from Johnny man's cell all the way up now to Tom Brady well I mean it just there is a great example to show you what a bona fide superstar franchise quarterback can do for football team just the the belief the positive energy right away is there from camp up they're gonna walk into the locker room this offseason or if they have it off the field let's say let's just go with training camp right now I'll be hopeful for that but they're going to walk in with their their chance they're just pop that popped out might I mean they're they're gonna sit there and go man we got talent and we got Tom Brady and as you've heard me say before you know great teams win but great quarterbacks given team believe and great quarterbacks can carry teamsters struggling moments during a regular season and that's what makes them great and that's what great you'll be able to do for a team that really hasn't had that at the quarterback position in a long long time and it really is amazing to me Chris is I continue to think about it the cold paying Philip rivers twenty five million dollars for this year and the Buccaneers paying Tom Brady twenty five million dollars for this year Peter king pointed out yesterday that Brady's camp expressed interest in the calls but the colts were interested in him now look I you can look at it several different ways I think the colts wanted a one year bridge even if Philip rivers plans to stick around I think from the culture perspective they want a guy to to provide the services now and in twenty twenty one going to have somebody else and I think that's their plan that makes Brady not fit and I also think it's some level where it is in the calls the patriots take the calls Tom Brady hates the calls the call take Tom Brady and the patriots the rivalry is back on Mike drop and what happened two years ago the colts had Josh McDaniels of the patriots came in and they they kept it from happening at the very last.

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