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In the uk you can be a proper seaward but but but not here so anyway yes and i mentioned to break but roseanne is a tweet circulating roseanne some carry g rock among texas present also called hillary the c word in two thousand sixteen she has since deleted the tweet but it's recirculating non are told you about doing the brick so you guys remember that brandon atkin said i thought considers we're against the pc police samantha vn roseanne aren't the same those making the comparison are grasping at straws for that and leslie from mary francis yes ted nugent does still have show stance your question he's playing at the jones county fair and i will this summer i plan on intending wearing a quote ted nugent shit his pants to get out of the shirt to see if i get thrown out greatest please take a photo of yourself there i would love it tweet it to me i wanna see it crisslow yeah wherever you goes people should go up to me like how's your pants actually i knew japan all right thanks to me donald trump has announced that there will be terrorist on steel and aluminum coming from canada mexico and the european union these tariffs are set to go into effect tomorrow so twelve am on friday they will go into effect twenty five percent on imported steel and ten percent on imported aluminum now the reasoning that he is given a four this decision is ridiculous and all explain that in just a second but it has something to do with national security he's also planning on potentially slapping massive tariffs on foreign made vehicles including german cars now trump impose the steel and aluminum penalties under the nineteen sixty two law that gives the president broad power to increase or reduced tariffs on goods deemed critical to national security how our vehicles critical to national security i don't know but nonetheless wilbur ross.

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