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Vince on he can talk any currency any commodity any asset and he's traded it at some point during his career We're going to talk to him But first let's go to Nathan Hager and get a Bloomberg business naked A lot of investors to chew on right now Paul sweetie We had the World Bank cut its global growth forecast for the rest of this year By three tenths percent after an earlier drop in April we also got a warning from Goldman Sachs strategists that rising equity yields could be a continued headwind for equity valuations but you look at the tenure right now it's actually the yield there is falling now below 3% You got stocks moving higher The S&P up 11 points to gain a three tenths percent the Dow is higher by 42 points for a game of one tenth of 1% The tech heavy NASDAQ leading the games up a half percent up 63 points All eyes on next week's policy meeting from the Federal Reserve markets all but totally pricing in two 50 basis point moves This month and next we spoke moments ago with Danielle dimartino booth CEO of quill intelligence she says watch for what fed chair Jay Powell and company signal for the months to come I think they had their eye on getting to that third 50 basis point rate hike in front of us in September and achieving that almost $100 billion a month run runoff rate for the balance sheet I think they're going to try and communicate that in this coming weeks meeting Man right now stocks as I mentioned are moving higher treasury yields moving lower the barrel and IMAX crude is at a $119 45 cents a gain of 8 tenths percent their comb ex gold up 6 tenths percent of $10 60 cents at 1854 30 announced the Euro is at 1.0704 against the dollar British pound 1.2580 the end one 32.44 That's a Bloomberg business flash Bloomberg markets continues Paul Sweeney and Matt Miller All right Nathan.

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