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Chris maxwell good afternoon rhode island can block in firm mike and chris today i imagine i hope they're at the beach you're doing something fun and i am here talking at you and hopefully with you about issues that impact us here in rhode island earlier i had mentioned briefly the the hated car tax and i'm going to spend a few minutes talking to you about the car tax because i think that's going to be a big issue uh coming up in this session and i'm not sure what the answer is back and to find the problem for you here right now the the problem is this the car taxes again as as i talked earlier is a local tax that is a tax that you are or city or town assesses on the value of your vehicles that money goes to that city in town and they spend it on the schools they spent an library snow plowing its editor at center so the problem is when you reduce or remove the car tax you take money away from cities and towns that they rely on to pay for the things that there currently doing speaker mattiello promised us that he would remove the car tax which i think is excellent and i i can't imagine anybody in rhode island who is going to his embu if the car tax disappears but here's here's here's mattiello's problem here's our problem he is talking about reducing the car tax but he isn't giving cities and towns any ability to reduce their costs of doing business so i believe what we're looking at doing right now is replacing lost car tax dollars to the reduction in the car tax and replacing it with state tax dollars which simply involves a shifting of that where the money comes from so it's no longer coming from the tax that's assessed on your vehicle it has to come from other tax assessments that the state is going to tax so that's not really a reduction in tax burden for you un me we're just going to see those monies come from some other place as opposed to the car tax and i think that's disingenuous and that's not really a costsavings what we need to see is we need to see cities and towns have the ability to reduce what they spend so that when the car tax.

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