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And yet the save the children banner a one hundred dollars five hundred dollars it goes right right into cribs and supplies and then i get i'm trying to make it on scale and a friend of mine just move to the beltway and brought her pasture what's happening batic at st ignatius of oil la in spring thanks he writes back our parrish campuses completely under water every building is flooded our church building a flooded over the sanctuary everything will have to be replaced rebuilt their pictures in a livestream video i did today when i was able to access the property via a boat many of our pressures of lost their homes and as i write this at eleven twenty two pm i can still hear the sound of airboats is p people in the area of being evacuated no one has ever seen flooding like this at this point we really don't know what we are going to need clothing food and shelter areas of being set up around the areas that are higher the klein school district is using some of their facilities and other churches in the area as well we have a team of prisoners who want to help once the waters go down and people and get back to their home lots of clean up the water darkbrown nasty it's going to be necessary clothing furniture center at the devastation leaves one heartbroken in speechless so i i posted a link of their lady chapel which is completely under water the crosses above water is a reflection of the stainedglass window on the water in the the twenty inches possible we have the katrina example do your business i'll find like we adopted dunkin's bakken eight my first her ducan katrina qassam one you i'll find some businesses in houston that that ship right said that you can keep houston businesses go gone but that is used in its galveston it's asta in it's all over the place but boy that if you go the krahn dot com website you see that the storm appears to be about ready to dump an utter on and that means that the addicts reservoir goes in the browsers river across the banks.

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