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Next pitch to Martinez, a swinging a slow chopper toward third. Here comes Brian on the first cops have one world. Siri's Ah, moment that many thought might never happened has happened here in Cleveland for the first time in 108 years, the Chicago Cubs Our World Series champions. They are mobbing Ryan Rizzo, Montgomery and the rest out behind the mound. The thousands of Cubs fans here in Cleveland are delirious. So many of them have gone to so many games over so many years and have never enjoyed a moment like this. Probably Have even been afraid to dream of enjoying a moment like this, But the Chicago Cubs have hung on beat the Indians 8 to 7 in an incredible ball game and have won the World Series and all the history that they were arrived it about every single game. You talked about them being tested in the giant Siri's tested in the Dodgers Siri's and pushed to the brink here, they never Wiltern. They always answered the bell. They answered every challenge. Joe Maddon talking way back in spring training the first day about embracing the target. This team believe they had the best team in the world and they're standing here at the end. Unbelievable. Kris Bryant on that last play. We slipped coming in. Not an easy play Martinez getting down the line. Pretty good had to rush a little bit. His spike kind of came out from under of probably the field a little bit wet, but still able to throw accurately to finish off Game seven. Joe Maddon has his first World Series championship as a manager, 11 is a coach with the Angels. Theo Epstein, now the architect of his third World Series championship, too, with the Red Sox and a guy Picked up in a deal. Mike Montgomery gets the last out. Miguel Montero had been relegated to third Catcher gets Aqui R B I single and add on run on the top of the 10th Ben Zobrist, a newcomer to the team this year side of the deal. He has the R B I double that proves to be the biggest hit in over a century for the Chicago Cubs. The party's just beginning here. And I got a feeling it's just beginning in Wrigleyville is well. The world serious drought.

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