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Support for stick to football comes more friends at rocket mortgage by quicken loans home plays a big role in your life that's why quicken loans creative rocket mortgage it lets you apply simply and understand the entire mortgage process fully see you can be confident you're getting the right mortgage for you to get started just go to rocketmortgage dot com slash football what's up everybody happy wednesday this is stick to football bleacher reports nfl draft podcast i'm matt miller lee draft writer pr and joining me every wednesday my main man connor roger what's up buddy what's going on buddy we got a pretty good show today because we are going to get to talk to the new main man of the senior bowl jim nagy is coming on and we got a lot to ask him what's going on down in mobile the era after phil savage is finally you're going to begin a lot of other stuff going on around the league obviously some light injuries some hold outs from minicamp zack martin finally gets that new megadeal and we do some workout dates for the supplemental draft which finally actually has some good talent right matt finally does thank god because we've needed it but awful in the past years yeah jim nagy i'm so excited to talk to this is when our buddy adam is lower hooked us up with this you know they're both mobile guys i got in our rundown and put in like ten questions right away because we've said for years the senior bowls are favored event on the draft calendar.

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