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In on the Dan Ryan and B have a peaceful ride, for the most part because the express our salad from 60 30 Garfield with overnight construction. It's just getting set up in that left lane and very heavy right now. And that slut from the Stevenson to the bird interchange altogether. 19 minutes committed for laddie for the downtown. That's if you stick to those local lanes Express is going to take you 26, but it's committed for that. He fifth help outside is fine to 19 fifties 15 minutes and clear. On the Eaton's looking good in and outbound. So is most of the Kennedy out bounds. Find urine about side slows between Harlem and about Addison with overnight roadwork in the left lane through most of that 24 minutes, and from O'Hare and 12 from the Evens junction on the Eisenhower inbound your good and out bounds. Okay to 29 between 3 90 in downtown to it from Mannheim is 16 Stevenson not giving any problems and 57 of the Bishop Ford to Southside. The rest of it looks good. Lakeshore drive north south bound, no problems and no fits on the tristate Adams or Reagan looking like the Reagans of slight delays overnight roadwork eastbound has been set up lately. Every night from Farnsworth to Eola. Just eastbound, though, in the two left lanes till six o'clock tomorrow morning, westbound just fine, but with a light volume not seen any delays eastbound either. Rose 53 3 90, ROK northwest Indiana. Not bad 90 for though eastbound. As you approach Michigan City from us for 21 to just before us, 20 you've got overnight road work of the two right lanes and very heavy conditions. Next traffic report at 10 48 on NewsRadio. 7 80. What if I put an F M W BBMak? You brother Ho Be breezy. A mild tonight with a mainly clear sky Low 63, Partly sunny with a gusty breeze Tomorrow High 76 about certain cooler in the afternoon, especially the lakefront..

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