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Tina fey will let you know when we'll have you guess the celebrity voice what's known about V. quit the streaming service well lucky for you know you're going to have to pay for that one thank you for the streaming that has a lot to remember yeah you know Chris you is coming in and I think he might have seen this movie knives out with Daniel Craig Jamie Lee Curtis I've seen the trailer a million times if you got into the movie it looks kind of wild just Evans is an ad so Jamie Lee Curtis she's kind of making the rounds doing some press for two reasons one she's in the movie knives out too she is on the cover of varieties what's going to be they're calling that their recovery issue that they want to do annually yeah they have somebody who speaks frankly about living a sober life in all of this kind of stuff and I just I love him every we've I'm Jamie Lee Curtis and sounds for me Halloween she's fantastic she throws so called wind down teen what's the one where they swear at church she's gonna replace ready now it is and she's she was a map yeah she's and she's been in everything amazing rack that was our only nude scene yeah eighties as early eighties so she was on the vios results on the today show I hear she is talking about this movie knives out somewhat less may just say like yes right well obviously it is a fantastic fun yeah super interesting holiday movie and it was written beautifully and the truth of the matter is what they told me that Daniel Craig was going to play the lead character and I said I'll come to Boston and make a movie with you all I forgot who don Johnson movie ridiculous don Johnson Toni Collette yeah Michael Shannon Daniel and the brilliant young actress named on it or miss who is at the center of the movie because it the center of the movie is this beating heart of the immigrant a perfect movie for this holiday so there's plenty of red meat plenty of blue meet we throw it at each other and in the middle is something very important which is love so I mean I've never I mean that's quite a holiday movie title nine exactly I know Chris you inside so he's going to be telling us more about it when he comes in later this not when you see the trailer you can't make heads or tails of it if there's a lot of people they're sitting in a wood paneled room in there and throwing barbs at each other and you just can't really from that trailer like I like I had no idea it was a holiday movie when I don't either I just I have a feeling I guess the other than the timing so your she's talking to the lease on the today show about you know her story and her interview that they did in variety there was a moment in your life where everything looked like it was perfect your winning awards writing books your house was neat you were married like life was perfect on the outside but in your hand you had a fist full of like it and I were in your own home and what happened in that moment in that moment a friend of mine who's a healer who is a Brazilian woman who I've known for a long time was standing behind me unbeknownst to me and as I put a handful of I can in my mouth with a glass of wine as I was beginning the evening routine of making dinner and the kids dinners or whatever from behind me I heard her say you know I see with your little pills Jamie and you think you're so alive and you think you're so fabulous but you're not you're dead you're dead woman and that was really the beginning of me understanding that was in December of ninety nine and then in January of ninety nine a wonderful writer named Tom sure well in esquire magazine wrote an article called if I could in my bike it in about his love affair with bike it in and his addiction and the combination of my friends singing and Tom writing that article brave lady outing himself is the reason I got sober which is the reason why when variety said to me we're going to do an issue annually about addiction in show business we would like you to be the cover girl of course I said yes simply because Tom cheer well it did it for me in nineteen ninety nine and she said so even if one person read this story you know she's just she's married to Christopher gas yeah the director and I just it's kind of fun to see her back in the movies and back you know she's she's not being as quiet yeah because they know her kids like you know she kind of step back because they really junior high and high school and just like I want to be on the top so let's just say the last one you had this secret were you worried that when you let your secret out back even then that you would lose jobs the world of commercials course but was that that was a big fear well it's yeah it any secret isn't is fearful yeah and there's a row of recovery phrase that says you're only as sick as your secrets and the truth is today hello data I can look in the mirror and when I'm looking in the mirror I'm looking at the problem but I'm also looking at the solution and the Buck stops with me and in a family of generational addiction I can tell you today that the Buck stops with me and in that cycle of addiction and a family that has destroyed generation upon generation families I am proud to say so far today it's early right I am going to arrest my addiction on national television you know I in if you remember her dad is twenty quote Curtis's mom is Jennifer Lee her mom her ma'am yeah and so Janet Leigh Janet Leigh I'm sorry Janet Leigh but her dad you know was addicted massively to cocaine and she said that there was a period of time I was the only child in her family talking and she had six siblings I have five her brother Nicholas had died of a heroin overdose when he was twenty one but I sure drugs with my dad I did cocaine and free based once with my dad it's a Carrie Fisher in that fashion and that Tony Curtis did end up getting sober for a short period of time three years it didn't last long but it was I said he found recovery before he passed yeah you ever the TV show she was and call anything but love with Richard Lewis the comedian he's very sweet very sweet little show they were co workers were attracted to each other but they didn't want to go any further because they don't want to mess up their friendship he was so funny I'm sure I would have watched and they just anyone I love his shake here do you yes it is on humor your enthusiasm right yeah all gosh he is a funny one Richard Lewis he was a hot comedian Jay where at in the day yes he will still as all that here he does yeah he does a really right I don't see one very many things but he used to be like a regular on the couch with letterman or Leno remember which guy he was more loyal to he was a regular guy yeah thanks Larry listen it is time to get to our regular feature at this time is your random thoughts and I'm sure you're going to I'm surprised the latest and maybe shock us recently.

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