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Like you live by your organisation that being gays somehow wrong on christian abacha sick well you'd have to us then that obviously i'm assume you have haven't you we make sure that anybody who sits in front of us these their of their own accord not because of some internalized homophobia or because of pressure from a church or from a sibling or from anybody that this is what they legitimately want the knu audio any or all and it's been we support and your argument is this it these people active there in free will at the rim free will and you have a rights to air as film putting that point of view of course why not k entry into the let's took to for the lgbt foundation look i didn't agree with the idea is no way threequarters a gay to rural people moving away what it seems to me to if you're telling people if if native their organisations telling people that being geza somehow bad seeing unchristian on godly a whatever that that is that is in itself a bad thing however if he if we do believe there is such a thing as being killed for being gay to there's nothing wrong with being a what is the harm in this private screening going ahead entry ramon interior were out there i think we are interior is you know first of all how it the thing to be picked up in the media in an uneasy woodside gay cureall used on isn't that long since we wouldn't have an in a society where people were told that sexual orientation code and in some cases should be changed but rather the wall i think as a as a gay individual over person who works for for lgbt organization uk counts for psychotherapy butch so search for cancer psychotherapy royal college of psychiatrists all say it's harmful to even new the idea that you can we juiced samesex attraction and its harmful to even think that this could be something that could be altered everybody's entitled to their live their lives at them away and i would also i'll give people have conflicting cultural all faith fuse that they they see cow a faith organization and the lgbt community old talk to somebody outside of the lgbt community like this now at and for example could be entitled to look what.

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