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Do you remember who you remember the name of uh the quarterback that replaced you in tennessee when you benched carrie call rusty smith that's not a real that is not like a real name i had to look at that that was because i'm a big surrogacy cooman was arrived i'm a big backup quarterback guy in rusty smith i don't even remember like that does sound like i think jeff fischer just promoted him just because of his name usually has got to this guy sounds like a quarterback at schools or so rusty beer russ these big guy that is i mean he are not easy may yeah methods and a universe rusty smith on pig you all day uh we go do you think so i i mentioned ryan fitzpatrick we should just go through the back of quarterbacks and who you're better than link gabar you better than a man y'all radio duties sean kaiser i say yes i say better than plant's owner yeah yeah we're still on mccoy now we got off at no no no no we cut off yet bottomed out about and segment scored offer record here we're we're not on record and the off the record hope went away so often record use will be better than call you better now right yeah so offtherecord really was 15000 its cheesecake great okay all right well let's think who else brownlee josh mccown bread humbly jasper cam who was to that yeah exactly exactly it's young is that yeah exactly he'll smith your vince young gino who sub gene o you don't say what's up tim their everett listen this you just say now none other than him and then we put it out there and then they listen to it you never know do you think to gina smith thinks the world is flat decent world's what what do you mean by that he thinks the world is flat like physically like this table that's what he thinks the world is yet it's flat the flatter third reich if he if he overthrows is receiver too much it just going to land in outer space yeah which could happen with gina you really likes to cock back through so do you think world's flat.

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