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Focus on providing essential health services include nineteen services to all people in Yemen we asked the doctor in Yemen to record his thoughts about covert nineteen during his overnight shift in an emergency room my name is another drive he I am a medical doctor I will okay in the E. R. departments and southern hospital in Aden the time is twelve fifty eight and I don and APOST codes with me since most of them complain of fever dry cough some of them have the difficulty of breathing says they plan to make a focal point nineteen there are two other epidemics and I've done a one off think of even the other is you can go now most of the people who are suffering from a fever these days under the lack of test kits we can determine who has covered nineteen and the rise in because the doctors nurses everybody they don't have enough protection for themselves against the virus mostly I don't feel secure that's because the people that cannabis is thinking that someone is not coming to Yemen one of the reasons of that is that we're not testing for the virus as long as they're lacking dentist kids will never know the actual number of the victims people bringing home the virus that is my major fear specially that we live in an apartment with my father who has a history of heart disease but what can we do for protection the masks the eye glasses the full uniform I mean I keep since I was in my hands every five minutes give the same distance for a wide examining the patients but it's a hundred percent protection is not guaranteed Dr not I'll do Rafi an ER doctor at all cyber hospital in the Yemeni city of Aiden a spokesperson for the World Health Organization said today that eight hundred three tests have been conducted across Yemen a country with a population of nearly thirty million coming up and getting on an airplane doesn't seem like the best idea right now tight spaces with loads of people breathing on each other as we stay grounded the airline industry takes a nose dive so what can it do it's going to have to make the bottom line work and it's going to have to make passengers feel comfortable and safe that's next here on the world support for the world comes from head water makers of freedom to use water with no sweeteners for calories his twenty five flavors include blackberry lemon and.

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