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Was the easiest bet going man it's like St John Elway I can guarantee you John Elway was gonna pick a wires even the first round okay a ride make sure that you you I say that save Alfred saying that save that audio it was the easiest bet ever it was like John Elway saying he was picking a wide receiver in in the first round because that is going to come back to bite the big fella here in the next thirty days I'm not going to happen it is going to come back and bite the big fella in the next thirty days I only ask you big gal as a second round coverage of the NFL draft gets underway here in twenty minutes Ryan Edwards Benjamin Albright and R. K. away Broncos insider Brandon Crist all on the coverage tonight raiders go with Henry Ruggs and our net the corner from Ohio state's the Chargers go with Justin Herbert's the quarterback out of Oregon and Kenneth Murray the linebacker out of Oklahoma the chiefs end up going with the Clyde Edwards a liar in the AFC west taking the Broncos into consideration with the fact that they got Jerry Judy with their first pick how would you grade teams in the AFC west with the raiders a Los Angeles Chargers I and the chiefs all be imparted out yesterday in the first round of the draft I think they all did a great job I think they all did a great job of trying to satisfy one mission and that's to score more points and when you think about the AFC west you also need to think about it broadly because if you win the AFC west anytime over the next two three four years it means that you have a chance to win the Superbowl but to win the AFC west you gotta scored thirty one points a game I mean it's you know in college it in on a bike I like to talk about this in in ways of so that people can understand what really happens in football in the NFL you get roughly you know eleven to fourteen possession the game okay so you're not going to school on all of them in some your score field goals right so at thirty one point you know you're saying that you're gonna score four touchdowns and one field goal on college twelve drives okay okay in college okay they are averaging the great teams out there in college are averaging forty plus points a game which means data base score five touchdowns but also in college they have a chance to have as many as seventeen to twenty possessions per game because the clock stops and it stops after every first down in with the hurry up offense you could have you could have a game to do it that somebody had like eighteen to twenty possessions that's a lot more opportunities to score but the Kansas City Chiefs what they've done is that they put everybody on notice and help and they basically told everybody they're going to play if you want to beat us you've got to score thirty one points or more are you surprised because I was that they did not go with defense last night I thought you know look we already know that they're they're offense is being completely savage but on the defensive side of the ball on the deep inside the ball up until they played the Denver Broncos on Thursday night football last year which by the way you in high when we were doing Broncos game day from the stadium we both thought the Broncos had a chance to beat the chiefs in that game because their defense was ranked near the bottom in the league you talked me into that you talked me into that your primary you are you at well he talked me into no where are we going to beat the Kansas City Chiefs then you'll like all learn home let's go with the NFL fan and the former high level NFL player yeah I talked to we did nothing okay nothing you know last night I thought that the Kansas City Chiefs we're gonna go ahead and take a guy like Denzel mims because when you look at their receiving corps you have two guys that just signed one year contracts and one of those guys is Sammy Watkins so he truly is the glued to that receiving corps he sets the standard and he has been a number one receiver his entire NFL career and the entire repeal came out of no where to assume that position but really it's Sammy Watkins world the ease on a one year deal so I really doubt the Kansas City Chiefs last night we're gonna take a wide receiver in the first round I mean they still have millions out there and I thought that would have been good form anyone of the other talented wide receivers but out that there's something that's really special about seeing a guy like me Ms who runs up for three and the CM and then I'll dance with a guy like Andy Reid he could have been a real problem well I already think there are problems late in in then they've added up however last night which I'm like you gotta be you got to be serious Clyde Edwards Allaire was I like a little Barry Sanders out there playing in college so the rich get richer on the offensive side of the ball I know we got Greg on hold he's got a question about the draft Greg we will get you on the other side if you want to chime in we've got open phone lines for the next fifteen minutes three oh three seven one three eighty five eighty five it's big al and Jo Jo this is K. 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