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Be one of the most fascinating human beings to ever live ever had. Uh, And these these facts that have come out based on a new interview that he did on a podcast or I'm sorry with Indiewire. The man is completely unreachable. Bill Murray currently has no agent. No cell phone, no social media, and the only way anybody can reach him is by a 1 800 number that he is set up for people to leave messages that he may or may never may or may not ever even check. I've heard this for decades, and I think it is one of the coolest things in Hollywood. So for a while, the joke was he had a house phone like that was. The joke is that he didn't have a cell phone. He didn't have social media, but he had a house phone. So in this interview with Indiewire, he said, I had a house phone and it would just ring and ring and ring. So finally, So, finally, he says, I ripped it out of I ripped it out of the wall. And normally, people who would call and call repeatedly it would lead to him not wanting anything to do with him because he just his thought was if you're calling and I'm not answering. Why are you still calling And why are you letting it ring? Good point. So to think you can be at the level of a Bill Murray and just say 110% effort Nobody can get in touch with me, Boss. I think it's the most boss move. And if we had more celebrities like Bill Murray, this country might be in a better situation. No question. Cinderella story. You gotta Bill Murray. I mean, I could. Yeah, yeah. What do you got A pool or pond over there. You've got a pool or a pad. You know, Hillary's got that kind of Chicago accent Cannibal cannibal coming through. Make it up. That's that's always need to flush these out to see. You know what game ideas we can work into it, Bill Murray or Flavor of Mcflurry, My Oreo. That's Mcflurry. What about Bob? That's Bill Berry looking in ovary or Bill Murray? Yeah, I gotta get somewhere really quick. That was in a hurry. Damn! You stumped all those. What about this one brush more could be there. Oh, that's good. That's good. Thanks, Boom boom. I make it very clear. I don't know what to do with Children. I don't know what.

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