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Did you try? Which F one driver most deserves the moniker of my evil wife Hamilton, because you love him, but he also confounds you and his team definitely confounds you. Oh, but is he the evil or is it Mercedes? This is the evil one, but you also want him to be your wife. So. Christina, I can't give this to you. Okay. Okay. I'm sorry. I love Louis Hamilton too much to ever call him my evil wife. Okay. Let me see. Sorry, Christina. Evil. So minus ten points or partial credits. And then I do want to hear Leo's. Yeah, I do. This actually probably would have been the one that Leo would have totally given great at. I do have one in mind. I'm willing to put him aside for the purposes of your creativity, but there is someone in mind that's like an obvious evil wife. Oh yes. I think, well, I'm torn between Daniel Ricciardo and Sebastian Vettel. I can't decide who should be my evil wife. I'm going to say Sebastian Vettel because he's sad and lonely. Now that he's not racing anymore. Oh, that's good. I disagree. I think Red Bull era said would have been an evil wife, but now he's just like a beekeeper dad.

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