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Returned we check in with debbie lazaga some issues on 43 near capitol drive with aline closed it looks like yup yup it's an accident on northbound fortythree capital left lane is blocked a fire truck is on the scene and they're try and take care lest south is going to be a fifteen minute ride from downtown dig how proud that is extra sex just got word of another accident happened on westbound 94 on the sawyer road offramp that's highway p and it's out of traffic's was not only affecting you're right on the main line but it's definitely there on in traffic on the ramp itself so be careful downtown to the zoo interchange will be an eightminute ride them from the zoo to highway 16 as eleven eastbound 94 highway 16 to the zoo levin from the zoo to downtown is seven forty one southbound highway q to the zoo lti to fifteen minutes there also 43 southbound brown deer road to the marquette moving along quite well twelve minute ride there annalong 94 southbound downtown to layton avenue a seven minute ride i'm debbie lazaga with wtmj pellawicom doc come hunting the traffic the wtmj fiveday forecast partly cloudy breezy and warmer today little more humidity as well highs in the lower 80s selfless with the 10 to 20 but for some showers and thunderstorms moving later tonight and inter early wednesday morning a low tonight of 64 hopefully you're long get some rain overnight tonight in early tomorrow then we'll see a gradual clearing two mafia and a high of 70 chancellor of a few showers late thursday afternoon of sixty eight brain looks likely on friday can you fall day with temperatures in the '60s as an showers and thunderstorms on saturday a high of 72 i'm meteorologist brian god with the strong she forecast at wtmj liberal voters holding steady lake michigan water temperature 62 degrees madison 78 green bay seventy the eight waukesha seventy six it is seventy eight right here right now in milwaukee a wtmj.

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