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15 and 45 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Let's go to rob wood fork. All right, capitals running out of time against the red wings over at Capital One arena, the home team trailing three to one, as we have 8 and a half minutes left in the third period. Pew suitor had an unassisted goal in this period this after scoring a shorthanded goal in the first, the lone capitals goal coming on a first period power play scored by Tom Wilson, they'll need a flurry of scoring here in this third period now if they're going to avoid a 5th straight loss and now the 7th ranked Maryland women putting a hurting on number 6 Iowa, a huge second quarter. Steve dresner is live in college park to tell us how the third's going. Rob run a timeout here in the third quarter with a Maryland women on top of Iowa 66 to 45 and that huge run in the second quarter has spilled into the third quarter. Well, brene Alexander leading all scores 22 points, lavender Briggs also having an standing night 12 points in the game now. Maryland only shooting 44% from the field, Iowa, 36%, two and a half left here in the third Maryland over Iowa 66 to 45. All right, two men's games of local interests saw VCU pull away for an 88 63 win over saint Joe's. That's three straight wins now for the rams, Virginia tech fell short in their bid to upset 13th ranked Miami. They lose at home to Jim lerone who's hurricanes 76 to 70. Rob woodwork WTO sports

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