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In a way toward I heard was it's for my mom goes to Brielle L. Bearman for kicking off New Year new mission by dissolving her lip fellers we'll great reminder for people who resolve to lose weight. You don't need to specify where the weight is coming tonight. I call goes to the Ferrari that drove into Lisa Vander Pumps restaurant pump today. Having a car crash up pump is a big change for l.. VP WHO's restaurants generally just employed train wrecks themselves. I want to thank the avenue. All right we are here with Cynthia Bailey. In order beverly's book streams and say all right So here's the deal in honor of tonight's Golden Globes we're saluting the best performances by a real house five in a dinner fight so head on over to. Wwe Way to vote for your pick. Here are the nominees the nominees for best performance by a real housewife in dinner fight. Drama are juice the red mic unprotected. Yes make any with me everything Competition is all right you guys go to WWAFL dot and vote. Wow well okay. This seems to.

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