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But did you have bonding onto onto the road? It's really weird. Because all things about everything slowing hit then hit me and I thought I knew that gracing sound as my legs are in contact with the road under a vad is not good now but in feeling anything and then I sort of passed out and then the next thing I knew it was in the hospital. Bantering with the doctor but the doctor ethics what I was just raving with shock. Retouched this kind of weirdly disjointed compensation about will I ever play the cello again because I was bleeding? And he's not play. The cello went. No it's an expression and human. Why did you say you play the toy play? Wgn pleading so. We're trying to bits on the doctors. Try and save. You went to London and Jamie quite Sir Leon Jerusalem. I arrived I mean the lots of gay run away so we have been gave runaways coming to and from places like here but also Jimmy middle class middle English public school boy but Jimmy came from very tough working class. Sectarian background in Mary Hill in Glasgow and what he ran away from was a much tougher. I remember I knew Jimmy. I is a wonderful falsetto voice. That people are very well but his speaking voices quite growth and in spite of being forty years out of Glasgow. He's never really lost glaswegian necks and he's the only person I know who pronounces French cost on cookware as lack rouge it lock crews et so. I didn't really understand a word he said for about six months left she worked out quite well but we did say eventually gonNA did. Why don't you run away? He's people discovered he was gay. Got some terrible story of exposure and disgrace and flight but eventually turned. He told the reason was that he was. The only boy is classy. Punked off towards the Bay city rollers opening coalpit..

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