Antoine Brooks, Anthony Mcfarland, Steelers discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show


Show. What's going on? Mike was that great stuff with Gorky. I really want. It occurred to me watching that last night again. We talked about this a little bit when we were reviewing those penguins. Red Wings Games There was nothing like civic slash melon arena for a big game it it just had a life of its own and I. I don't know what it was about that place but I love the new building and it's it's much more fan friendly and it's great but it's not the same now plays shook it was. It was incredible. We've talked a little bit this morning. About what Joe Buck had to say to Sirius? Xm Radio yesterday specifically that quote? It's pretty much a done deal that Fox and the other networks that end up if they end up televising and four games without fans that are gonNA use fake crowd noise to enhance the broadcast Steelers have a couple of guys that they hope will maybe inspire the networks to Use that fake crowd noise if that's the direction in which they ultimately go One of them's running back. Anthony McFarland from Maryland and one of his teammates. Also drafted by the steelers safety Antoine Brooks when those two guys were available via zoom last weekend for virtual rookie minicamp. I had them kind of give a scouting report on each other. You're so what McFarland had to say about his Maryland. Teammate Antoine Brooks legal. Blaine all.

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