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Carwyn Lessner be Carwyn. It was very when almost like it was like, it's crazy. I've never heard a reaction to anything. Like when t I mean, the room exploded, holy shit. So you know that's back when Ross battle was, you know, in the wild days, there's something interesting about. About. I mean, just sort of comics in general because I stepped away from stand up for a really long time because I felt like I just like fucking failed. Right. And I do this thing. One of the things I've been working on doing is if I feel like I failed something instead of being like it was a good run. I have to burn it to the ground leg in my head right to be like, fuck comedy. All comics are awful. I've cut off ties to any comic. I know, and I have to convince myself or this is how I was. I used to have to convince myself that I'm like self righteously walking away instead of just being like, no, you plateaued or you fucked up or or whatever. And so I got really deep into like the sort of political world and something happened. Lashed the last couple of years. We're like somehow like liberals and comics started feuding. Where it was the whole rape. Joke thing. With Taj and they're like, oh comics. And then it was liberals who call out anytime a comic says something. They'll be like an article, fuck and bustle or semi. She hit and then you know, and so on. And it wasn't until my and I started buying into it, I started buying into like, yeah, it's just a bunch of fuck in what dudes drop them in word. And and then when like my life fucking imploded, the only people who reached out to me were comics. It was Joe. It was Stanhope and not just comics, edgy comics, like comics, people would think are assholes like Stanhope or Jim Norton and people like that. And I just forgot when you were talking about the rose battle and just how fucking edgy comics could be. I also forgot that they're also at the same time, and I don't think a lot of outsiders. I mean com. Fans know this, especially now a podcast, but the sweetest most vulnerable broken people and in a weird way. Like I think because comics admit how fucked up they are that makes them more empathetic when someone's going through something really bad. Whereas like my old crew were so sort of self righteous all the time. And we're so busy like casting people out on Twitter that will one of our own goes down. It's just you just look out for yourself and you're just kind of like, you know, not really the progressive you say you are, but just sort of like cutthroat. You know what I mean? It's the opposite of, I think what a lot of people would assume weird tangent that came from Jason Tibo saying the n. word. But I think you know what I mean and win in a row spell win. One based on that he wants, but I don't even reply back to people on Twitter, like. I mean, I see Kristalina do all the time. It's one of the funniest things he's really good at it. I feel like he's like it's only every once in a while. It's a fucking hard reply. And then he doesn't a lot like you know, ever since I saw my read it on my battle with Jimmy car. Yeah, a lot of people were pissed that I beat them. Why? Well, you know. You know, I feel like my role on roast battles on, you know, the the perfect enemy analogy I think has been aspirin. Oh yeah, that's a great analogy. Well, it really is because it's the equivalent of the USC and hey. We're not gonna sign you, but you can find all of our fighters. And also I'll add to that analogy. Everyone who knows about fighting loves them, right. I mean, whereas like dumb asses, you don't or just like he's exactly what it's like. No, no, no, no, no. He's incredibly innovative and exciting and aggressive, and an and tactical. Oh, I love watching them fight's good, but it would be like, if like this, I fight. All right. You wanna. You wanna fight our guys. You're gonna fight ESPN Montreal. Right, right. All right. Well, you wanna prove or you're gonna find McGregor in Ireland, beats them. All right. We're gonna give you babe and Russia Bateson. And that's how I was with roast battle like kept beating all these people they wanted to see when..

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