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Please snack please. Don't ninety seven fans or is that the premiums subscription You wanna follow me. You follow me at a school bus dis. The school bus ways on Instagram got fifteen dollars to get on a private story. Exactly twenty dollars to get on. My only story have a story. i'll go. They all have a all gotta story. Looks know a big. Yeah i just started only finisher. So i cannot near a porn while i watch it. Oh god i'm going to collect money you're cooked you're burdensome you've got a virus. What was your iphone. starts tweaking Ah the ads word for word now. So when they papa. I appreciate you being able to come through. you know. finally because you'd be out of towns hard to catch you blah blah blah. But i appreciate you slide anytime you garden. Music tended to have a like. Let's get it in regular rotation. Let's goal is goal is all like whatever platforms or positions. I got you better. Use it to your advantage like. That's what is here for. This is why i do this. So take advantage of this shit. But i appreciate you slide. You listening to who's next with machina on radio twenty two..

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