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NFL, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady Frank Reich discussed on The Pat McAfee Show


Come back and dominate if you look at social media but if you're an older person who works in the NFL you probably want to talk to cam Newton you want to see if he's healthy you want to talk to him both mentally and physically see if he's healthy anyone talk some stories that but I don't know I guess if the charges are gonna Sinema not a hundred percent sure where he could end up at I honestly have no idea where you could end up at fox do you think that colts fans would be more excited if they signed him even over Philip rivers yeah so I think so too I I think a hundred percent I think so one of the corporate Philip rivers over Tom Brady Frank Reich who's speaking right now I don't know where at or to whom he said that the reason why I want with Phil rivers is because it was it this was a unique opportunity this was a crazy unique opportunity he said because of his familiarity with Philip rivers from the time with charges being key in doesn't think there's any physical limitations from what he can see on film Jacoby percent was reportedly not pleased with the decision to sign Philip rivers obviously Jacoby Brissett has never had an offseason being the starter the only time he's ever started when he was brought in like eight days before the season because Andrew luck was hurt was going to play then this past year brings back a French Lebanese looking back in his office was start in ten days before the season started like a tires from ads after tweet Jacoby percent now the starter all of a sudden he's got to get a full offseason as star did well to begin the season they aren't that bad then the central rivers obviously thing Jacoby you're back up now or you're potentially getting traded but I do think colts fans if they saw cam Newton working out now I don't know Goldman's view about how Camden types on his Instagram I don't know I don't know how they feel about that but I think they would enjoy his energy especially if he was a winner and I think his upside everybody was C. is much higher than you would think Phil rivers is potentially fill reversed a local football often that's Frank Reich says speaking of good football we got joining us in about eleven minutes we're gonna get to a break right now we got joining us in eleven minutes you.

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NFL, Philip Rivers, Tom Brady Frank Reich discussed on The Pat McAfee Show

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