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Know. I'll try to keep myself tape today. Did but when they reflect with no one to our our my I you know. I'm not sure how did call this time. They did. Act that is non incoming fire for us and by personally. Don't believe that that's that's my personal view is a good ride and if you have a good heart they told you that you have to be a Christian to go to heaven I I don't the thing that okay. So he definitely has had some kind of teaching saying the Lord or the Lord is good Lord and he knows is about the coming judgment. You know he's talking about the Lord coming with fire and talking about Noah's Ark and he is communicating something that a lot of people believe not just in Jamaica but all over America they talk about judgment but if God is good good. He's not going to judge anyone. If God is good he's going to be nice he's going to be sweet. No one's GONNA get hurt. And that is a common belief and I kind of call that the lopsided view of God God has a bunch of different attributes. Love is one of them. But if you focus only on that one an attribute of God you're going to have a lopsided view. God you're going to have a God that is all one attribute and none of the rest. It's it's important to see God as he presents himself so yes God is love but he's also righteous he's also a judge he's also the god of vengeance upon upon his enemies and so God has many different things and so anytime you take one of his attributes and focus only on that you're going to have a a wrong view of God and so some people do it in the opposite way the only focus on God's wrath and so they have a God who they only think is mean and nasty the and these people usually become very critical because they see God is critical. They see God as someone who's just mean and so it's important to study the entire Bible and learn all the attributes of God and not place one over the other not placed the one you like the best in the forefront of all the other attributes tributes of God and so a lot of people do that and it seems right away that that's what this man is doing and so Let's see what happens. There is some kind of judgment that's going to happen and you have to have a good heart is to said pure heart cleaner. Don't lie by then commander if that's the case let's have a clean heart live good to watch. People don't grudge somebody for their own own. That's not yours. You know you work hard. You try to make it in the in some good formal for his every no-man's perfect and it's true knew that when he at manifest as some people say the Lord has manifest themselves into Mary's womb become the flesh on the bone and you walk art and he said No. That's why maybe at said life. I give them far. They don't know what the I've done so he says it's not easy being a human. He knew we weren't perfect. Nobody's perfect so let me let me ask you this my friend so you said that the way that you pass the judgment is by being being being good order being righteous being pure how are you how are you doing with that. Is your heart clean so often people will bring up the fact that you need to be good in order to get to heaven. They'll mention the ten commandments. Once in awhile and that's great for me because my goal in part of the conversation is to get a person to look at the Ten Commandments. It's so when someone brings it up on their own. It's a very easy segway to say Okay Ten Commandments. Let's look at him. How are you doing with that? Is Your heart clean. There's a way you can you can know you mentioned the Ten Commandments K.. By looking at the Ten Commandments. We can see where we're at before a holy God so let me ask you this. Would you consider yourself to be a good person. I think so I think so too 'cause allied on my heart and I because I'm a smoker a drinker. That's the things under that people do even though a lot of Christians tell you that they're separating nufemme dot. Org lied. I mean come on you drive a car window. There was no history back. Today's wasn't driving. Your car. Delight took it took a ride from a donkey to to to stable. That's true no we are getting more comfortably comfortably in Newark. I don't know what the car has to do with his sin but He is saying people say you shouldn't smoke pot. And he's got to join in his hand and he's basically saying it's not really that bad now. Another thing he said was as far as smoking and drinking goes. That's just things on the earth that people do not sin. That's just stuff that people do. Well all sin is stuff people do. They're either doing wing something by breaking God's law or they're thinking something and breaking God's law that way but also Senate stuff that people do mine kind is making so how much little stuff far US human being which they got the knowledge an inspiration from God's worse but they're making it so much you know a checked into human being that it's not easy for you to see those stuff won't do them. You know something that up but you got a lot of people that don't smoke orange and even though you got a lot of Christian they were allowed to save your life is not Senate but yet still you would allow to save your life so no one is that that it does leaves back to that point right here so. I think that there are a lot of Christians that say things that don't make sense but we don't have to worry about what all the Christians say we need to worry about what the Lord says right and by looking at the Ten Commandments. We can kind of see for ourselves. What we're doing slum? Let me ask you this. How many lies do you think you've told? In your whole life listen mcgarity ricotta cheese. Fuel is okay now just for the record. I have no idea what he just said but I did hear the word lies so I'm just going to keep listening and see where this goes lies. Let me tell is not the simple allies overdose forget to excite it rise up to see a midlife are getting me with problems that I would think that would take myself in any problem onto our so. Have you ever ever told lies that you weren't telling to save your life. You just told them off problem or be or because you wanted to get your way with some. I've been I. I've been incarcerated incarcerated before an ad ally to make up a story does not to put other people in problem dot was not snitching. Sure so what do you call someone who tells live who does does lies a liar. You're liar have you ever stole something even even something small a pencil when I was a kid Lighter you know but I I'm not GonNa see me break break into somebody's house and go in there but stealing pens from me weak we can we can. We can still without breaking into someone's house right. So what do you call someone who steals things. Your teeth ever use God's name in vain use God's name as a cuss word no cost or to express discuss or anger like you use when you're in trouble US Gods God's name in a in a bad way a lot of people do but not I personally not I add got angry at one point when I never did that. I just got ignorant I. I was talking to Muslims asking. God Why does that happen to me in blind and you know and undenied relaxed Beg For forgiveness which I think he did you know but you have news. God's name in vain that's called blasphemy right. It's taken the name of the Creator and dragging it through the dirt. Define that for me more. Give me an example. So using God's name in vain would be to use God's name like inappropriate way. Maybe say Jesus Christ but you say it in in a way where you're angry. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah. That's that that not only me. I think that a lot of people orna before about yeah. That's true. Yeah okay so that's called blasphemy. So he's starting to squirm a little bit. He started not enjoy the so much. So I'm going to thank him. I'm GONNA thanks income for bearing with me and being patient you know and I understand that it is a easy or fun thing to be confronted with your sin. So I'm going to be as gracious as I can through the whole process that thanks for doing this interview. So have you ever Looked upon a woman with lust. Yeah I think that That's something that even if a married man he married for twenty years you can get an email looks if you think it's even wrong but you're not doing the action you know that's natural for you to see something and think about but not doing it so if you think about it wrong then we are on well. Jesus Christ himself he actually said you know you're not supposed supposed to commit adultery. But I say to you if you look at a woman with less you're committing adultery in your heart see. That's God's standard are our standards are very low but but God standards are very high k.. So if we've looked at a woman with less as far as God's concern we've committed adultery in our heart and then last question. Have you ever hated someone. We've been really angry at someone I've been angry at someone but hatred is not something I keep in my heart. I I personally think that you gotta you leave that part to God. You Know I. I'm not saying our dislike you but not to a point where I hate you eight you you know because you got some certain people you gonNA agree with or whatever but I don't really Aliki Ages in my I'll to let go you know that's good but I won't forget already happened do not. This is true so but you have been angry with someone. Jesus said you know you're not supposed to commit murder but I say to you if you've been angry with your brother you've committed murder already in your heart again. God standards are a lot higher than us. He looks at the heart. He knows. Those are our thoughts. You got murdered your heart murdering your heart. Yeah absolutely so then. You've got another thing about it so much. You know so much Ado n Norman is perfect. That's true fate we all. I think that this is something that people live and feed off the Lard. The fate that we have in him. 'cause I got faith not not because I'm not aggressively. So he's got faith and he's basically saying well as long as you have faith that's what matters and that's a common thought people. We'll say things like well as long as you believe in something and that something works for you. Then that's what matters or maybe there's a thought as long as I believe in in God in some form than God's going to be okay with me because I believe in him now what they're not realizing that if they believe in God auden some form and it's not the god of the scriptures then they're believing in an idol and idolatry is a sin so a lot of people just kind of thing. Yeah well as long as you got faith. That's what matters when in actuality you can have your faith in the wrong thing do you. Do you think that it's important. To have your faith in the right thing or the white right. One for instance. If I had my faith in a police officer that he was GonNa to help me but that police officer turned out to be corrupt mankind if I had my faith in in anything if I had my faith in this chair right here but the chair was old and broke when I sat on it my faith might might be real but it might be placed in the wrong thing. So it's it's important for us to make sure our faith is is breath so let me ask you this my friend. You've been very honest with me and I and I thank you. You've you've committed many sins just like me right. Nobody's perfect like you said said if you're creator was to judge you today if you were. How old are you joining? Three twenty three. If you happen to get hit by a car or or or somehow die beef today before I almost I almost dimes out to be very grateful absolutely but if you were to find yourself dying today and you stood before your Creator he was to judge you and he saw you as a liar and a thief and a blasphemer a murderer heart and adulterer heart do. Do you think he would see you as someone who is innocent or someone who is guilty of breaking his law. I would think you would sell me as somebody loss as what I think in my head because Dan I think I'm lost from the truth as a lot lot of people there. I always ask God for forgiveness that if today if he comes hours in around the nomination I wasn't I was lost and confused all cutting tradition You know confusion. That's going on with the Bible and in the world and not only say because you got so many hundred different uneven nation worshiping the Lord so I think I know I'm GonNa do not thing I know so okay now. This is awesome awesome. This guy just admitted that he thinks he's lost and so even though at the beginning of the conversation he saying well. Maybe it's reincarnation nation maybe God's going to judge me but he's not really going to judge me harshly now the real issue with him coming out he saying I'm lost now in a minute. We're GONNA see that. He's kind of using his loss nervous as an excuse possibly to be lost to basically say I'm lost and because I'm lost God's GonNa be okay with me because he knows I don't know everything kind of thing and I and I'm going to deal with that but but I just love the fact that this guy just admitted that he's lost. You know what my friend. That's actually a very good place to be because you're humble about it you admit that you don't know everything you admit that that you could be wrong and I think it's very important for us to understand that God is bigger than us. He knows more than us. And I really appreciate the fact that you would admit that that you call yourself lost and I think that's a great description of what you've just said so so if God was to judge you based on his law he would find you guilty right he would find you guilty of being a liar and a murderer and a thief and all these things well. I'm yeah I'M GONNA I'm GonNA disagree with you. Know I think all right if those are the truthful ways to go in heaven and yes well. Here's the thing that is. That's God's law so according to his law God will judge all sin now. I'm not now. This isn't the end of the story K.. But but if this was the only thing that got it ever done with this if got it only given his law you haven't kept the law. I haven't kept a law and because of that. No Man no woman can get to heaven simply by keeping God's law because all of us have sinned all of us fall short the glory of God in you know no absolutely barnes so yeah. This guy's definitely been to church at some point. The fact that he said he was born in sin. I mean that's Romans five nineteen for as through the one man's disobedience meaning atom the many were made sinners the Bible says we were made sinners. And it all goes back back to Adam's disobedience so this guy actually knows more than most people I talked to you in order for you to live the right way. I think you gotTa be light job due to the cause in the Bible about this job that got us The Creator took away. His cattles is why he was being sued right. Everybody was that blaspheme against a lot and was like no and then got repaid him in a lot of ways that you could never imagine so I think that that's one of these humbled you know. Absolutely it's good for us to be humble. Let me let me ask you this. Does it concern you at all that if you were to die today and stand before God any was to judge did you. You would be guilty of committing all these sins and that and that you would end up in Hell if God was to judge based on that does that concern you at all it it. It does to be honest because nobody wants to go to add but then in is of being a human being autozone fully that if I personally think that God has a hard of you know something good and pure and you can look into you in your life and seeing that you did wanted to try. But you'll be lost and mankind. Mankind unkind as ruling so much. By God's were bringing

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