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Other not even other owners or other teams so that's the to me this is very prudent on uh on whic respect part because you're not putting pressure not putting pressure on your team to win because as we see this team has levelled off a little bit since or sixteen win streak and i mean you mentioned tatum and brown and tatum is still playing at a really high level in that cannot knock he's not going to shoot fifty percent on threes you know he's gonna he's going to end the year at thirty seven percent maxi you got to start factoring in that he is going to it it's it's so unlikely that he's going to maintain the pace that he's odd jaylen brown we've already seen these last few games you know teams are really attacking him defensively brian rob from boston sports journal wrote a great story breaking down you know why the celtics starting unit defensively has been terrible the any any unit that has marcus smart on the floor is a good defensive team the starting unit without him has not been and one of the big culprits is jaylen brown and that's a prize me because you're like well why do you think that is yes so jaylen brown has struggled with he's playing shooting guard and he's guarding a lot of smaller quicker guards and he struggling with those kind of guys like detroit in particular abused him where they would get avery bradley the ball on the move and he just couldn't quite keep up with them and so he tends to play guys tight and quicker guys are going by him so that's causing she's right there i then you watch him offensively he's been a turnover machine the last few games you know and ballhandling is still not a strength of israeli if he could handle the ball more smoothly even like tatum does he would be borderline unstoppable in the.

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