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So Each week we'd go over another verse and we'd try to memorize it together and his dad said to his teenage son. Hey Son you WanNa do this together and insane your son was like sure and so they start working on it and every morning before Sun would go off to To school they would spend just like ten minutes together. They'd work on memorization of the verse for that week. And talk about it and then it just developed into okay. They they did that. I First Chapter I. John and this dad had never memorized terrific before I cannot believe not only have. I'm rising it but I'm doing it with my son. This is awesome and that his son looks at them at the end of that journey and says Dad I. I would love to keep doing this. I know the Churches Kinda finished with I don but like can we do something else else and so now they're memorizing. I can't remember what book Philippians or something like that together. But that was the sun's initiative like this fund dot and so now that Sun and dad every morning before he goes off to school are sitting down in them rising or on another verse and Flippin and I mean it's totally changed both of their relationship with God their relationship with speech other. That's dad's understand what it means to decide lists kids like I mean it's it's awesome. It's totally based on scripture to simple scripture memorization so so Anyway I hopefully. That's encouragements par. Two dads are listed in thinking through. Okay what my might not be able to do. And this is where the teenage son. He's like I've never you know I'm having struggled with and connecting with him as a teenager right now to see this happening. Yeah it's awesome double In the book look you talked about. This is the stuff that you would you would Preached about and taught about. And yet you find yourself wrestling with some of these big questions face to face I had have have you experienced that as a husband and dad like If you could just be honest with us let the same way. You're honest in the book about God you know just questioning God's goodness and Jesus is hope for humanity and all that but like if you switch categories and just you as a husband and father like have you found yourself in a spot where like man I've taught about this stuff I've written written about this stuff but like in my day to day just trying to be a godly husband and dad. That's leading his family. Well like their. Here's some things. I'm really wrestling with that. Have you experienced any or that. You know Yes yes so and you know the first or there's so many things now come to my mind and one thing that comes to mind is and and I'm guessing any dad's familiar with this like the questions that kids will ask So be encouraged like pastor with all kinds of theological degrees. But I mean my kids. Come up with some questions like to get back to you on that so there's that level of just like okay and a challenging me with questions and mine current practically two dads like. Don't be afraid to say that like that is a great question. Let's let's dive into that together and not feel bad that you don't have the answer. Feel like you're just dive in with. There's there's resources we have To be able to the dive into to those those questions so sort of do that together with them But then yeah. Like parenting is a sanctifying process. And like I I think it is not uncommon for Heather and I to just be praying together at night just like God. We have no idea what what we're doing and how to how to help this child through this and they're so unique. Is that child through this. And and and just but I could like it's good to be brought to a place where you're just before God's and can't do this on my own and we need you. We need your help. We need your wisdom and to be humble and had entered into. I mean the. There's a great book called Shepherding Operative Child's heart. But that's that's Kinda famed that we think about often. We WanNA shepherd each of these kids hearts while and uniquely and in so how do we. How do we best do that? And it's not healthy and I don't have all the answers. It's funny I mean after I tell her what podcast assange is like. Oh Yeah I'm sure you're the expert to share it all because she knows I'm not an expert Berg like so I'll be the first to admit that But but I think that's the beauty like an James one kind of way we don't have to be experts like anyone lacks wisdom. He should ask God generously to all without finding fall. We have a father in heaven. Who is ready to give us everything? The thing we need is Dad's on earth like everything we need if will look to walk with him. That's why I would. I would say just anybody listening right now. Charles especially a husband or dad like the greatest need in your life is intimacy with Jesus like the Greatest need more than anything else. More than your wife or kids need a dad who Yeah knows this or that or is able to coach the wellness for that or help them wellness without like far above any of that they need you walking with Jesus and and loving him with all your heart soul mind strength because everything that they need most is GonNa flow from from that. Well Man I was GonNa ask if you had any final words for the man. That's just wanting to lead his family well but I think you just said it so yeah let's in their man. I'm so oh grateful that you took the time I know you. You've got a lot going on so thank you for carving out the time to hang out with us today We'll definitely put a lincoln. Our show notes. Everyone go pick up a copy of something. Something needs to change your newest book but David. I'm so honored to be able to chat with you today. You brought us closer to Jesus man thank you. Thanks journey pure joy man thank you. Hey guys thanks again for listening. Today's episode again. If you want to get a free copy of the data book and be entered to win two hundred and fifty dollar Amazon Gift Card before December eighteenth dad tire dot com slash Christmas. Again anyone who gives the DAD tired ministry will automatically get free signed copy the data book and the automatically automatically entered to win a two hundred and fifty dollar Amazon Gift Card. I love you guys. I'll see you next week.

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