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It has okay or brain ball like yeah H. G. T. V. like somebody's build in some yeah yeah okay that makes sense because then I can sleep because everything drifts into your dreams it does it does and you know I've been through I used to fall asleep with the TV on I don't do that anymore okay so TV's now they they come on sis say are you still there ask I found that I don't know like those that I was watching dolomite and the woman in Murphy have you seen it I was in the original one you have a seat okay so no this is the making of like they show the story of how it was made struggles on let it go through you gotta see you why you got it why because it is a master class in small business hustling really this story is amazing here is a man who knew nothing about the movie industry was a Talib pair before Tyler Perry came along right he knew nothing about the movie industry he wanted to make a movie nobody we given much opportunity he sold the rights to all of his comedy albums raise the money and he and his friends made a movie and that year was the highest grossing movie ever and just to see him come from working at a day a record shop to being a movie producer and director is amazing it is remarkable you just told me the story thank you on a in LA is a I and I stand a little I did not speak to me at all I don't think it was speak to me the and I'll only watch the because I love Mike Epps anything like if I'm going to be in a pretty eyes all I saw him okay so any so for you though how often do you get to the movie theaters we do never X. right so you do you do it and and house yeah and if I'm at home I don't really have time to like really watch movies but dolomite is so good I might add in this how good it is actually it is like for me out I'm in class like I take notes when I'm watching Maya and I watch it at least once a week because I learn something new every time I watch and I have let so what I learned is the first time I watched it I was like this to never gave up like people kept telling him no and slamming the door in his face but he kept going around the door and find in a window if he invision something for himself he went out and made it happen no matter what he never gave up and I was like wow okay all right and then he reinvents himself that was the thing I learned is that the family he started out as a comedian and then he was what he was a singer comedian and then he was a movie you know defense while I have to watch it is really inspiring I agree well do do you what do you do you sell Black Panther of course yeah do you watch all the Marvel movies in a row okay I'll have a kind of time yeah it's a time Happyland was Michael I will watch them all as you did you did as about three months of your life did you tell them that you tell them that you're a liar and I got a little tight Hey I'm just looking at an article about Taylor swift who reveals that she had a pass eating disorder and you know it's really hard for singers and models to admit that and I'm not quite sure why because it'll this she's the love to she's this woman has been writing great songs as she was twelve yeah yeah Taylor swift remarkable and writer and she you know didn't want people to know about her and I you know her eating disorder so I don't know what else share it we share the view a one yeah everything but you know what they say she's sharing it now I've I've heard some people talk about she's got a new memoir book or something coming out will sell it Jessica Simpson to she was talking about how she so when I did my reading right there's no one night when I put these books out they always give us a little some secret some one of that you know they want to talk about ourselves we ran themselves beautifully girl but she said she was watching the view she said John they all have so many jobs they do voiceovers there in the commercials and movies you know like the Gober has all of this but she has all of the awards she has an Oscar a Tony she did and a Grammy you have all your there are few but not many wow yeah she's dead so mom was in you know why why don't they give people a chance give us a mom first of all if you have the gifts and talents to do you should be able to do it yeah should be enough room for everybody yeah really should be it should but is not because people who have a don't share with those that is very you and your family I watched you guys do this is amazing y'all help other artists and entertainers your mentor them you'll give them advice your breathable stage give him a chance everybody doesn't do that I don't think you realize what a blessing you and your family are two younger artists here that's because somebody blessed us well it doesn't matter what okay yeah yeah because I know Tom Tipton I'll guide Tom Tilton that was it it is a gospel singer and he was the one that kind of took us under his wing and said all you know want to introduce you guys to corporate work on introduce you to this is so much more that you can do is not just one thing you do you know don't do that do this and that see see this kind of mindset is that a else because you don't know what you don't know you don't know that you and and even today I mean not only do I do radio I'm an entertainment reporter on television on my neck you know I'm a keynote speaker I'm a singer I still I figured I would have always years and I still don't know what to do sometimes I wish you do yes German do all of it yeah but I don't do nearly with some others too nothing even close delta I know people that have so many hats that they wear I don't know how the Butler thing those businesses are doing well in floor show how can you do that if you got all that stuff going on how can you do all of the well because I've always heard you do one thing pick one thing you do that and do it well yeah we were taught that growing up I just at the same time today because you have the tools that can help you do it that answers are available sometimes free online yeah online to set straight change the game so I've been writing a book for shadow to seven right above how many years now almost with thirteen years and I have seventy seven pages and I'm not ready for it anyone care you know what I'm on the racetrack for anyone to read it thanks I fall uses them to sell Hey girl you must be right net book which free eggs I would tell I lost I lost it as is and since there was nothing else coming on I went well may use them very I don't know anyway we have to take a break you are listening to the final hour of still talking and it is she let him run his is the other voice that you're hearing Michael battle was not able to be here so the mom in the Michael are as you know is not happening tonight but he'll be back next Sunday will come back and.

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