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Our own closed dr mike yeah i mean these closed or like the size that would fit my wife i mean maybe my wife is actually like straw stressing and maybe that actually i mean dr mitchell wife that would explain it could it like otto like we're talking like you know short trips from the 1980s like boys short shorts from his her in my closet sometimes who shorts are these are the ones that somebody would wear indiana do you like it's like we're we're like a tank top with like no we're we're this stuff but it shows up in my drawers it's weird i don't know i mean dr mitchell dr mitchell listening i don't know what to tell you i don't drink right now with boston roger austin roger which for the record i tried like like tweeting and he never responded to me but i didn't say that question mark question mark i just let it go he's got a lot of people a lot of people create am i imagine who boston roger yeah our line they all want an hour all right uh david has a question david wants to say yoju it's not had a question until now i just got back from a night out at the club and this girl and i were clicking this was i i had sent out this last night hey last call to get your questions and so this person came back from the club and wrote this email we went back to her place and started getting intimate but as soon as we got undressed she was very unenthused with seeing an elephant troncon me i really was not clear on what this what does it mean emailer was talking about until i read on do that he goes on to say i've been with a few different partners bragging and usually you're not rang circumcised is not a problem this was the second time that the situation has occurred do i need to start letting people know ahead of time about this intimate fact do i need to get an adult circumcision helped me out love gurusinha i thought at first david was sort of this was like a humble brag email.

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