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And for that, you're welcome. What's happening guys, happy Friday, and thank you for joining another special episode of your welcome. You know, last couple of days I it's been like forty, eight hours of call outs. Let's start with your Saint Pierre. George Saint Pierre says he'd like to fight the winner of could even Connor. Now. That's interesting for a couple of reasons. I often tastic course huge fight. Yeah, of course. I think it'd be huger should Connor win, and it was a Connor George. Saint Pierre title fight. I also think that that's likely the only scenario where this fight happens. I think that George, I'm guessing here. I think that George likes that match better. I think he also understands the magnitude and I think he understands the legacy. Here's the resistance to offer you the other side of this on I on first glance you're looking at go, well, yeah, of course. If you're Dana white sign that fight, but there's a couple of moving parts because you are also understand that if if George was to come down to one fifty five for a title fight, he's going to grab the belt and he's gonna walk away. Way. I don't have a big problem with that. I just know that some people do and I think that that bothers the UFC I think for a fight of that magnitude and somebody is upfront and open his George saint-pierre to say, look, here's what might goal is whether I cheated or not. This is what I'm going to try to do. I don't have a problem with it. I liked the disclosure as a fan. It doesn't piss me off as a fan sometimes when I get blindsided by that or surprised, I feel a little bit duped and I can be irritated by that with George saint-pierre. He did that with bist ping. Dana insisted George would defend budget. George was a little more straight up about it soon as he won the belt. It was within two weeks. He handed it back. Nobody else would ever hand about back ever. It's never happened. You wait until your strip, you run that you run the promos. You're run yourself with a bell that helps your sponsorship money. It helps with attention George saint-pierre handed it back..

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