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A A an hundred. Butts coming from the paid side of things. Be. He paid media biddable social appetizing specialists and they actually acquired a chemical. And just just after us. So the company behind PPC heroin hair. Behalf of those who who know the bill and paid media landscape well, and so come quick overcoming is quite similar. have been being the US centric billable bring those being you can't us biddable to still being. Organic and. We come in threes got which has been great and so the last. Six months. Might, time was was very heavily spent only integration getting my old still teams better than as part of that combined breakups and see, and that's going to be well, the teams roll 'em up running and yet it's everything. Anybody might have known about the oil spill consulting teams that now part of that printouts oepration. Fantastic. That's Great and then since Yeah. Gradually over time as as planned. I I'm still I'm still working with the team on the direction of Seo and helping guide and support at. But I'm not directly leading and managing those teams anymore that report into the federal job and out spending my time running said Tumultuousness, which is sad which is super Also brain labs I, we're actually familiar with Hansen was right right down here in Bloomington Indiana..

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