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It a cowherd, right? He. Yeah. He had cows. And he would take care of cows. And he came from a family of essentially, what might be called dairy farmers right now. But this was you know, those cows, and that milk was, you know, my grandparents had a cow, and they had that cow was the personal cow that was in their backyard. Right. And they took care of it like a family member or much like somebody would take care of their their dog or cat. It had a name. They were tweeted they were talked to it. And that milk would you know? So you're knowing what's going in to that animal to produce the milk that it was producing correct. And right now, again, we don't know it's it's it's homogenized from maybe ten thousand cows milk this all mixed together along with the pus and everything else body fluids. Getting in there, and motions, I guess and the carmont that's absolutely or more. So you're you're taking away something that's meant for its baby. Right this baby formula for the cows kid. And instead you're saying, hey, I'm not even emigrant, but dothan I'm going to drink your baby formula and your baby. Can you know, stay right there, and you can look at your baby crying for for food. But we're going to take away all his food. So and then there are significant significant number of people that actually have some sort of low grade inflammatory response to today in general, even it's you know, organic and all that stuff. So I think in general if someone is sort of struggling with their weight or chronic diseases. It would be a good idea to try giving up dairy. And like I mean in my whole book, I'm very open minded about openminded experimentation. Yes, we have to figure out what works for each and every individual person. But in my practice, I've got. Literally, hundreds of examples of people that had dandruff or skin rashes, XM a- allergies asthma. Abdominal pain irritable bowel constipation alternating with with diarrhea stomach cramps. Bloating gas and much of this just went away..

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