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To provide service at those local stations our next traffic update in less than ten minutes on W. C. B. S. now we can tell you it's a brisk night for a nice walk Frank straight in the weather center with the forecast and in addition to the breezy and chilly out there there's a few showers around for the most part they're going by north of the city but it will be a few showers in the area tonight so we'll be prepared for that if you're going to be out of the Y. set mainly cloudy begin Chile will drop a few more degrees to forty two admit town tonight and into tomorrow we stay chilly a shower around the start of the wise mainly cloudy skies and highs of just forty eight mostly cloudy tomorrow night ended on the thirty eight sort of the Chile one of it's a modest improvements are coming Wednesday will have a little more the way a sunshine daily some breaks of sun and it will be as Chile will get to fifty four that afternoon Thursday into Friday looking mostly dry there might be a little rain Thursday night to do at least for a little milder with highs in the mid fifties both days forty eight amid town our county get a few showers around down to forty two tonight thank you Paul Frank straight in the weather center thanks seven ten W. CBS news time and when governor Cuomo revealed the new numbers today on the corona virus pandemic it included a spike in deaths two hundred and fifty new Yorkers since yesterday have died from the virus more than sixty six thousand across the state have tested positive and the governor is making a plea for healthcare professionals to change their plans and come to New York to aid in a time of need is W. CBS reporter Peter Haskell total capacity is wrapping up but so is the number of patients and with more and more health care workers getting sick the.

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