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Let's say The Pentagon, you've got a department that has access by maybe four or 5 Pentagon personnel and within that you've got the special access programs. In which there is essentially no oversight of these things. There's money going to these special access programs. Once a year, there's a review of the program. How's it going? Well, we're doing this and this. Okay, great. Here's more money. There's really no sense of oversight of these things. And the reason is that when The Pentagon people retire, they get hired by these companies. It's a big gravy train for everyone. Everyone plays ball. One thing that you learn when you study this is that it's when you retire from U.S. government service and go into private corporate contracts at your security clearances go up and they get higher and better and deeper. So not the reverse. So people would think, oh, well, I'm going to private industry. I lose my clearances. No, your clearance is to get better. Yeah, fascinating. And that's because the money and the talent is in the private industry. And also the deniability and the protection from public inquiry is much more with these private companies that have that are within the special access programs. And that's legal illegality. That's what I call it. In a nutshell. This is what admiral Thomas Wilson's notes revealed when he finally did get access to at least have a mating with the gatekeepers of that special access program. They weren't government personnel. They'll private contractors, those literally no input from the U.S. government or none needed for them to keep operating. You're right, I think this is a great way to think about the UFO secrecy problem. Do you think that this is something that's becoming better understood that we're not dealing with a scenario where the president can just simply go and unlock a file and reveal a little bit? I don't think very much. I think among some researchers, the answer might be yes. When I started studying this, I looked into this exact problem close to 20 years ago when I first published my first book, actually, UFOs, national security state. I was I think I was ahead of a curve on this. A few other people, Stephen Greer, with whom I don't always agree on matters, but I think Stephen gray was definitely on top of this. A few other researchers. I think it is more widespread now to understand that, yes, the president and the official structure is pretty much you might say even window dressing. As far as the general public goes or I don't know, I don't really think people are very well versed on their government at all. And I would guess that the answer is no. I don't think most people really understand. Yeah, good point. When we did finally get that UAP task force report to Congress, you noted in the documentary that the language is intriguing because they didn't even call UFP as a security threat. They use the term a challenge. This is important for you. What was that? What was that signaling for me? Well, first of all, you know, in the last four years, we've had a lot of people accuse people of folks like llewella zonda of being Pentagon disinformation agent basically to scare up the public by talking about this UFO threat. You know, I've heard this claim many, many times. And I fully disagree with it. And I'm not saying that Lou elizondo isn't being a 100% truthful. He knows things that he's not said. But I do think he's made an honest effort of it. I don't think that he's trying to scare up the public with some kind of false flag to have people go running into the arms of the military, protect us from the aliens. I don't believe that at all. And the reason this UAP task force conclusion is one of those reasons. Another reason is simply that there's actually no media coordination at all. When you deal with a false flag, and I've studied false flags, actually in a great amount of detail. Aside from the UFO issue, what you find is media coordination. It's very important. Coordinated media message to hammer the public, you know, to present a message like be very afraid to be very afraid. You don't get that with UFOs, not at all. You're getting the opposite. There's been no media coordination on this. There's been and then here comes the UAP task force conclusion. They're not talking even about a threat. They're playing this whole thing down. And that tells me, and this was one of the themes of the film, the observers, which I thought they did very correctly, which is that you're dealing with a battle within the structure of power about this issue. There's not agreement. So in other words, there's not this coordinated CIA or Pentagon directed rollout of some kind of UFO narrative. There is to the extent that they're trying to downplay it. But to the extent that this has come out at all, that's not they're doing. Yeah, you mentioned factions, perhaps battling ideologically behind the scenes. It seems as though, well, at least mindset protection of that language is that the status quo as one yet again. Typically, they typically win. What you have is and they're still winning. And this goes beyond UFOs because we're really looking at a global revolution. When we talk about status quo now, we can't really confine ourselves to one nation anymore. Status quo is being coordinated on an international level. But certainly, yeah, the status quo is doing very well. My feeling is they've been playing defense a little bit on UFOs since 2017. You know, the narrative changed a bit when you have elizondo and Christopher Mellon basically going to The New York Times. I go to Leslie Kane, essentially, who's a freelance. She's not a New York Times employee, but she hooks up with Ralph blumenthal, who I think is, and they were able to fight The New York Times hierarchy to get this story published or these stories about atypical about the tic tac UFO. Back in 2017. And I don't know for sure. I've spoken with both of them in one way or another, especially Leslie. But I certainly have the strong feeling that The New York Times hierarchy decided, okay, look, this story is coming out because frankly, elizondo had been talking. They did a press conference in October of 2017. They kind of mentioned all of this. This is all spilling out. So you've got The New York Times, which has always done work for the national security establishment. Probably concluding, all right, well, let's just get out ahead of this. And I think that's what they did. And, you know, you notice, if you read the treatment that they did in those stories, they brought in a lot of skepticism and they really played a lot of this down much more than they needed to. I guarantee you Leslie and Ralph have they had full leeway to write this article. It would have been a different article guaranteed. You must feel that the cat's been let out of the bag at least slightly though, because we did have quite a few military personnel going on record and share their incredible stories. That's the UFO researcher who's been in the field for 20 plus years. You must have at least a spark of excitement about what's happening. Absolutely, yes. When those articles came out in December 2017, I was, I was mystified as much as I was happy. I was definitely happy. But I was like, New York Times, are you kidding me? How is this? But over time, I think I figured that out, which I tried to explain just now. But since then, yes, you know, because The New York Times essentially did not debunk UFOs, which they had done forever. That gave permission as a way. New York Times is essentially the United States's version of pravda from the old school. The official organ of truth. And so when they put this out, that gives the rest of the media permission and a few media persons in the U.S., most notably of the big ones, Tucker Carlson over at Fox has, look, one has to give this man tremendous credit. He has not had to take UFO story after UFO story, but he's done it, and he is not embarrassed himself over at he's handled it really quite well. But other than that, it hasn't been a whole lot of media, but there has been as you say these other witnesses coming out. So the story.

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