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The. Base Force maybe not. From the six letter of Captain Mark. A pirate's life is characterized by voluntary interactions. Unfortunately, the crown presses everyone into involuntary servitude landlubbers believe slavery was abolished years ago but the crown still claims to own us when it comes into service against our will. Given sufficient ambition it would gladly draft thousands of hapless victims to kill or be killed it simply slavery by another name landlubbers are routinely commanded disturb the so-called justice system in jury duty. But before you swell with civic pride, consider that how you feel irrelevant to the crown you will appear as ordered or face punitive measures. The crown insist that you participate in your own oppression. Jury Summons provides pirates with a unique opportunity to obstruct injustices a jerk and vote not guilty unit. It's proven the law was violated. A juror can quit for any reason at all and not even a judge can reverse that verdict receiving a jury summons is basically winning the sedition lottery. But if you reveal that, you know this during jury selection, you'll probably be dismissed if the crown foolishly crimson pirate in jury duty behooves the pirate to conceal their intention to nullify unjust laws. If he master takes one hundred percent of your labor it's called slavery. But if they only take fifty percent, they call it taxation a difference of degree not kind whether the crown claims a forty percent is irrelevant. Most of all a slave owner desires, contented slaves, meaning thoughtless ones and accept their bondage these how slaves see no contradiction and being drafted in a war to end slavery or summoned to a jury to prosecute tax evasion and ideal slave knows no higher call than the masters will. The crowns highest ambition is that it's slaves revere the Authority subjugates them but the crown does not own me I will not surrender my time and treasure to the crowns ambitions join the conversation at PIRATESWITHOUTBORDERS DOT com. There are basically two types of advertising direct response and branding radios great for direct response with its low cost listener ratio but audio can't be beat for branding, which is a longer term endeavor you want to be the first thing that someone thinks of when they think about your product or service. If you have a local business that you want kept top of mine in your community, call the station. If you need national reach free, talk got around two hundred radio stations millions of monthly listening sessions can suit all budgets and if we don't think we're. Right for you we'll tell you email me mark freetalklive dot com. There are lots of ways to listen to free talk live or podcast has been around since podcasts began, and now the F. t. l. feed is loaded with content besides our full show archives does you know that we make it easy for you to customize your podcast subscriptions we have different feeds one that includes only our full shows one with just the daily digest and our main feed that includes everything you decide what you listen to. It's quick and easy to customize your feeds at feeds. Dot freetalklive dot com that's feeds DOT FREETALKLIVE DOT COM. We have some good news the indictments against Roy celebrate in the district of Maryland were dismissed with prejudice meaning they can never be refiled. This is especially good because those indictments contain the only charge ever made that Ross engaged in murder-for-hire. This was a serious allegation at rolls operate denies it was never prosecuted or rolled by a jury putt was trumpeted by the federal government and the media. As if it were proven fact, the Maryland Court held these indictments for almost five years poisoning Ross's case and. Leaving him under a cloud of unproven allegations as explained in Ross's appeal to the supreme. Court the fact that the judge used these allegations to give her all say draconian sense of double life without parole violated his sixth amendment right to a jury trial judges required to issue sentences based on convictions decided by a jury not unproven allegations never even charged a trial although this is a positive development dropped indictment will not set rolls free. Now, a presidential pardon is Ross says only hope of freedom signed the petition at free Ross Dot, Org Free Ross Dot Org. Some of our live shows are streamed in hd on twitch. Please following share at Twitter Dot L. DOT FM that's twitch dot L. DOT FM. To be a part of the show call six, zero, two, two, six, four, twenty, eight, hundred, six, two, two, six, four, twenty, eight, hundred, and now Ernest handcock. Since I read my first time on novel. Egypt six rocket ship Galileo, and that hooked me and then I found out people actually had landed on the moon that really an honor and then spatial one happen. And that that's it. Now now, we're back to the future now because now people are building their own stuff like Apollo meet people think only the government can do this. was before that that was there. That was what happened and before that everyone is going to be like the industry we're going to have small operators people in the horizon building stuff is like aviation's off that way computers or the names on the blame now Apollo happened and everyone said Oh it has to be a big government spending, mega billions and stuff. But. Then spaceship one proved them. All wrong. Again, I don't know you know we can do this. We can't do garage rocket science it does work we can put people in the space. Space space x started out and Tom Mueller is garage. That story to the guy who became the propulsion chief of space x just guy you know bill building his Rocket fuel liquid fueled Rasi guys in. Alabama there were garage is one of those guys. Tim pickens working spaceship may became spatial one propulsion cheap. But yeah the smart entrepreneurs like Ilan, Mazda, ver- town they know that some of the best ideas come from unlikely places. So they went shopping. To through the Underground. The rocket underground and they found all Mueller said, pickens. He has a fine people that. Can add to his genius spend a lot of it. You know he's he said his head engineer. You know he's you know it's nice to have a gazillion dollars and be able to design it. Yourself give you that Napa the CAD and I'm on it. You know and I'm going and then he was doing the Iron Man Three D. hand operated connect kind of day watch ally design turbo. You know what I'm going. This is awesome. and. What s one thing I like about this there is not a single step that has been missed by the public. If you want it, they got video live streaming of them building this stuff. It's awesome. It's amazing. Every single month they live stream even now it's over one hundred launches. Now, every single one we still livestream, they have commentators explaining what's happening because they want to get people involved in and engage and when I was listening To. Our. That's right. That's right I. Don't know if you thought the Tesla shareholders meeting it was. Guessing earlier this week I did. You know what? I'm saying Blah Blah blog to the batteries stuff and is about an hour thirty something minutes into it I even market when I put it on the site I go. Blah Blah get to this part and then you know do the battery thing. So I know enough in paid attention enough I understood most of what they were talking about but market near kind of Oh man that's so Geeky, I don't want I just. I. Don't want to listen to go hill that was the important part you know right? That's right..

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