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You let some phone lines up with your whole idea of you bought tickets for everybody in your workspace, and you hit it. You'd go running, hide and wait six months and let them come find you when you catch the ticket theory. Pete in Richmond, Virginia has a theory of his own. What's up Pete. Hello. How are you, sir? What's going on your mind? Peter Brockman I'm just gonna claim. One thing team you better. Make sure you take every piece of the median family that you have. Kidnapping, you're coming out of hiding. What am I afraid of? Bob and accounting is gonna come after Brockman Mary? What are we talking about? I'm pretty sure that's going to happen for one point, six billion dollars. The account of is going to show you a salad. You've never seen. Virginia, everybody, Virginia. Joan Fresno. California, I think is lockstep with Pete in Virginia. What's up Joe. Hey, what's going on? What's going on your mind? Joe, I would say that first of all, Brockman just about greedy thing. I don't think you realize how much seven hundred million dollars being. But also I say, let's go to Brewster millions challenge thirty million dollars in thirty days when no assets, and then you can have the wreck. If you can do. Stews millions challenge pizza cake. What do you mean like a thirty million in one night? What do you mean one night. Let's just put it all on black. That go far Las Vegas. Joe, thanks very much. Go to Floyd Mayweather shopping spree would be good. Mike, Pennsylvania. You're here in the rich Eisen show. It's up Mike, hey, rich. I'm on. I'm willing broccoli about one thing. Who are you to question? How Chris is gonna spend his money and then and then to be so bold as to tell him that what he is so gracious enough to buy for you, they can mind enough. I honestly have been goes forward to say this. I think it's attitude that you have about about this money situation with going on with this lottery is yet another in a long line of things that you stole from stugatz. What did I steal? What I still like that I would say this guy is strong in you, rich. I mean, I'm gonna give you this and you say what that big. That's all you're gonna. Give me. See, yeah. I mean, as I told Stu gods. Libertad show is I don't spend my waking hours. Wondering what's do God's is doing saying or concocting or positing or anything. Mike, I honest. Getting harder and harder. Thanks, Mike, I pray. She ate it. So it's two to one Mike in Pennsylvania back in your place. I'm saying it's worth it's worth considering if you're in charge of this, you handle our our, our bets for the triple crown races. I do never wants to hand your money think that you're gonna abscond with? No, because it's not that much money right in the scheme of things. Yep. And all the times that we've one have you guys always gotten paid at one point, what what is the red line of the amount of money in which you would consider running away from us? Seven hundred million dollars. Well, I'm glad that I'm not in on. You know, you're gonna get you And some. you should see the Texas change of everybody. It's me and Irv, and Kurt and mooch and Charlie. Okay. Is the one who bought the tickets and there's a bunch of other producers at the NFL network. We are all in and I'm telling you Irv even sent in the text exchange, like, can we get a confirmation on everybody who is in because he doesn't want. I thought I was in. I was in on the first time, right? But I thought that meant it was in the second leg Irv. He's right now as you know that. Okay. Like he lives in his own personal, Dave, and Buster's down there in the Metroplex at looks like the way that he likes his house like a Christmas tree. I mean, it's crazy. But Irv wants to know who is in and who is not in. He wanted to confirmation on the Texas change. So if if we win and Charlie absconds to your Branston island, they're gonna find him Jeff Brahm of Purdue and your calls third out football season is here, and no one covers ball like cast one sports minute. We've got you covered on a daily basis with Dan, Patrick rich Eisen. This might be just a walk in the park RJ bells dream preview and Ross Tucker's fantasy feast podcast. They're just creating more.

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