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Democratic congressman john conyers is hospitalized in michigan recovering from what his attorney calls a stressrelated illness but in washington the calls for his resignation because of sexual harassment claims early getting louder abc's mary bruce on the hill democrats have been treading gingerly for days but the accusations are piling up marion brown who worked for conyers spoke out publicly for the first time he asks me to satisfy him sexually he pointed to areas have genital areas of his body and asked me to uh you know touch conyers admits paying brown a secret twenty seven thousand dollar settlement but denies all allegations of misconduct and alabama gop senate candidate roy more is back on the campaign trail as campaign focused on the news reggie in these weeks before the special election speaking a church events abc chief national correspondent tom llamas and mobile alabama eight women have come forward to say that more other sexually harassed or assaulted them when they were teenagers or has denied those accusations but many of the supporters i spoke to last night do not believe the women one of of moore's allies in church saint last night he'll take roy moore's forty years a public service over those two weeks of accusations and music and movie mogul russell simmons stepping down as head of all of his company's after a claim of sexual assault this is abc news honoring our veterans perry race cyrus i'm going to tell you something you already know are us troops jokes rock their courage sacrifice an.

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