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Nate but that in hebron becoming big sean fabric throwback thursday these are the top five songs from this week in 1979 courtesy of the research department this a group called venac kna c k had one big hint you're listening to it i sure roane and i i totally here's this 1979 seventy now i never knew this was an all song became really i because this was in the nineties ninety something i don't remember there is a movie with one owner rider nathan hall called reality bites and this song was on the soundtrack so i didn't see the movie when it came out i saw you know years later but i always thought this song was from the '90s clyde no idea i think there's an entire generation of people who don't notice from the 70s you know what this delivered line is all about here i have no idea getting the deal is there's other all kinds of named shareowner visit his is suggest to them streak to this it's also some people just music is says the stupid dumb song about nothing show so my corona what's a shareowner sharon whose middle initial the vague who knows i some number five number four this barbra streisand the visit barbra streisand maggie hits right big discount that's the bigger question the main event he had four or five songs in this era there were really there and there are upbeat song called down stony and the great pup zone in other words he tried little of everything though that never knew she even trip oh into the disco pool absolutely to order most every just ask guarantee sounds good bryce alford that people says the four main event number three you get into real heavy disco this is a need award this was a fabulous discos on called green my down once again and picturing duggan roller skates on a light at dance floor in the bell dan people do like the disco dance i was ever where platform shoes now i.

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