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Jaden Schwartz scored four in a row. Yeah. The game winner in game five and then the natural hat trick in game six the blues won that game and they set up this series. The blues of the Dallas Stars tonight at eight thirty at enterprise centre cable. Excellent all over it. With coverage starting at seven o'clock live from the booth eight o'clock for our network pre-game show, eight thirty for the face off. We'll take you well into the night and early morning with post game coverage right here on cable ex Chris Kerber enjoy vitality have the call. Chris Rabi will host the network coverage. Alex Ferrario and Amy Marx scores will be in the locker rooms. It's the blues of the Dallas Stars tonight on came Alexa. The Washington Capitals are out the Stanley Cup champions eliminated last night by the Carolina Hurricanes. They took out the champs in Washington game seven a four three double overtime win. And Carolina moves on to play the. New york. Islanders in the second round of the playoffs. That game will be tomorrow. The other game today will be the Boston Bruins and the Columbus. Blue jackets doesn't seem like the blue jackets haven't played for like a month. They swept the Tampa Bay Lightning and four games. They play at Boston tonight at six then the blues in the stars at eight thirty on cable X the games tomorrow at six o'clock face off for the islanders at home against Carolina and the late game tomorrow night at nine o'clock. It'll be Colorado at San Jose. How about the Saint Louis cardinals? They lead the National League right now after this yell h zero and two and now it's tune to become debt pitch from Jordan Hicks. Have swayed. He went around strike. This game is over fix picks up his seven days, and it fitting that Christian yelich made the final out yelich who dominated the cardinals at Miller park was oh for seven at Busch stadium in a sweep the cardinals swept them, they're ten and three at home and their manager. Mike Scheldt was pleased to see Adam Wainwright win his one hundred fiftieth game, you know, one hundred fifty wins one organization. Very impressive today was indicative of how he's done at news..

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