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Involved jealousy just so you know here's one people taking too long to open presents because they won't stop snapping pictures I don't like people that take too long to open a present anyway that drives me nuts red picked tear that pay for out there you're not saving it for anything else and quit being so I don't really you know just rip rip it rip it right back home about level is being distracted by social media on Christmas day old that's obscene actually I have a nerf rifle that I use for that occasion night yeah yeah just keep the right next to me and when and where my daughter start popping on the phone yeah could hold a lot of little darts to me notifications in general keep your that didn't think I hate that I hate that friends and family using phones at the dinner table does not happen in my house at all and I arrive in even when we go out this afternoon will go to a movie and dinner that day never comes up people of all other forms is just when these things I think it's just very rude how about general holiday crap people post online it you know just all the time you see all kinds of stupid stuff yeah you they'll get out alright friends and family who start huge group test text just to say merry Christmas I hate that I turned it off on my phone did you texting off because it would never stop now it is people there's numbers that show up I don't know who the hell these people are there's a I I just said all right turn that feature off the now just given wanted done people bragging that Alan line about holiday events and experiences we don't run into that much because there's been a lot of time on social media so that seal family letter that you have to come in the mail I love those as you know because you know they're all lies little Bobby is now he's a smart kid in class no he's not no he's not your line replying to holiday messages from people you never talked to the rest of the year I'm guilty of that now we have friends that I haven't talked to all your little semi America's was and I replied back I just think it's polite about people boasting on social media about where they've traveled for the holidays you know who loves that who's that criminals what were they like to know if you're not home now okay wouldn't get on though just reply back Hey what's that address again one when people brag showing off their gifts on social media come on really people really all right coming up at seven forty Charlie Parker's rendition of our marines Christmas store you do not want to miss it but making what's going on.

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