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I appreciate. You hanging out with me this evening we're, going to have you can't be are is the number. Full slate of games in the show tomorrow as the bay bridge. Series will resume its Rodriguez Edwin Jackson the giants did not end the, first half that well against the as but, they're still two games, above five hundred which is pretty encouraging especially when you look at the first half and the combined fifteen. Starts have Madison, Bumgarner and Johnny Cueto so going forward here's what the schedule looks like for your, giants starting tomorrow's starting tomorrow at six thirty five, first pitch from Edwin Jackson in Oakland three games against, the as two games against the Mariners which is a tough team in the west that he got four home. Against Milwaukee who are the Milwaukee, Brewers I want, to say I have said that they've surprised me this, year just based on the record but talking with France and really thinking about what they were doing last year Yeah the brewers were kind of on this ascension anyways Fifty five and forty three on the year right now three back in the Chicago Cubs, now with getting Kane, and yellows in the off season. They address the lineup they didn't elect starting pitching now I don't. Know exactly where we are with the, Jacob degrom rumors but the last thing that I read everybody's trying to get, after a few teams trying to get. After, Jacob degrom but I would like to see him Go. To Milwaukee and see what that does the central because like I. Was talking about the Chicago Cubs at, fifty six and thirty eight they're the best team in the National League and. The Chicago Cubs haven't even got off To the start that they should have they're not even playing a caliber. At the level that we know that they can they haven't even hit their stride yet Anthony Rizzo you Darvish is, out Anthony Rizzo performing as well he as we know he can same it for Kris Bryant. Hendricks as well so I think once the Chicago Cubs are rolling you're going to. See some separation in the NFL central I know that the still so close with the, giants four back of the dodgers Diamondbacks a half game back of. LA I still think, that there's. One team coming out of the west I'm gonna. Stand firm on that and I probably going to be wrong based on how. Close it is but I just see separation happening, in this in the second half let's go to Tom On kmby are and then we'll get to Cody. Of Alaska what uptown Hey goodbye Or. One no your remarks on the forty Niners training day for the Lakers for camp. Next, week Yes, I think it's gonna be great I think it's gonna be a it's gonna be fun I mean it's just a reminder that football's. Almost here I could. Tell, time you're probably getting party mode right now? Waiting for the forty Niners appreciate the. Phone call, yeah I'm just excited because what are we forty nine, days away from week one Cody I mean it's right. Around, the corner and we're talking about it but it's going to be here before, we know it yeah the NFL. We talk about an NFL twelve twelve months out of the year but now started down the week started window down. And NFL. News is starting to, hit the. The wire more and. More than I absolutely dig? It all right coming up next coach tickets home we got, last call anything else on your mind we'll? Get to your final thoughts? At..

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