President Trump, West Virginia Education Association, Dale discussed on MetroNews Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval


You under twenty two million dollars now let's go to a christian campbell president of aft west virginia daily president of the west virginia education association good morning to you both appreciate criminal thanks for waiting i know it's kind of hectic now appreciate your hate waiting while we interview the governor dale let me start with you uh they're west on meeting this morning i think you were in with the house leadership and may be the senate leadership came over as well i can you tell us if there was any progress in that meeting dale actually dale is calling bank in because he lost service always good to talk to you was running progress soon there was progress in the sense that we've met with the speaker a couple of times in the last few days and we actually had the senate president and majority leader with us today so that was uh step in the right direction we did have a good discussion we know that there's some uh differences of opinions between uh the house the senate and of course the governor's office as we saw in just heard him talking about calling for a special session and even though that has to do with gas i mean are folks have been saying lake we need severance on gas because we have been giving away our natural resources for uh years but they did that kinda of revenue there are still is new commitment to dedicate uh anything specific to what uh the problems are with pia i think the task force as they have for him to say yes we're going to have a task force uh that we'll have different people on it and we would want to ensure that there is equal representation on that task force that if you're talking about elected representatives and that and stakeholders then we wanna make sure that all the seats uh uh the table have a true balance and representation of the people that are directly affected by jail than me i think we have deal on al deal give us your reaction.

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