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The flash briefing on your Amazon echo, just say, Alexa, enable the skilled, total traffic Portland to install and ask Alexa, play your flash briefing for updates on what the roads look like. Now. Ketu weather brought to you by standard TV and appliance go high pressure believe back into cross the Pacific northwest and outside of some partly cloudy skies this afternoon and a risk of shower up in the cascades, mostly dry and warm for the next few days. We'll see daytime highs in the mid to upper seventies and overnight lows dropping down in the low fifties. I'm meteorologist Dave Celeski equinoxes live, Dr exclusively on two news this morning. I appreciate you. Making an appointment to listen to the Michael berry show right here on eleven ninety. K E X. If you're not Niro radio, you can always listen on the free radio app. The Michael berry show get it one in three adults in America have prediabetes, but most don't know it to let people know it can be reversed before it becomes type two diabetes, professional basketball player, Julius Randle is doing everything in reverse a moment, dunking would reverse mills. The whole hallway to practice. Don't recommend it. This move called the reverse show. I do recommend. And it's like me months to learn how to speak in reverse like this. Ten almost for diabetes type with living, then has mama. In other words, my mom has been living with type two diabetes for almost ten years. So together, we want to say to the eighty four million Americans at risk, exercise and healthy. Eating can help reverse prediabetes, Starbucks aching simple. Woman at risk test. I do I have prediabetes dot org. Brought to you by the Ad Council and its prediabetes awareness partners. Betty, can't say that in reverse after you wake up, and before you go to bed get the news, traffic and weather, you need from Alexa, just say Alexa, play eleven ninety Exxon. Iheartradio. Our listeners have computer math. Does they work because I spent so much time working out of. Their vehicle..

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