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Were allowed to just sort of be there with them and be truthful and that is what really inspired me as a filmmaker than you know sort of as i get older. I'm very interested in visual ways to tell stories when you don't have the whole verite story there when you can't spend hundreds of hours filming with someone you help. How do i. Visually like create. The the feeling. And i think that was a lot of what was fun about surviving. Death is. I got to really be creative with visuals and music and tone And and so and then over the years also working with great people working with great. Dp's and music people in Lighting people I've learned from them to You know ways in which we can get more. I do encourage i think. Filmmakers documentary filmmakers. They you should know what lenses you like. You should know about equipment. You don't necessarily have to be able to shoot but like it's helpful because then you can talk about some kind of lights you on in certain kind of lenses you want to create Which will give you what you want. Yeah that's important understand the tools that you're using the toolbox definitely so what is next for you. So we're doing. So am working with anne on a feature doc for hbo and that has been on a bit of an odyssey In that We started it pre cove it about a year before covid head about inspired by the college scandal a well. Yeah and Then became a film about this musical that had been written about college pressures parallel to the time that the college scandals coming we follow the musical through high schools as sort of a window into these high school. So yeah yeah and in west virginia and then of course covid wiped all that out and shut everything down including our stories that we were building building building to these moments where the kids go to college. Like how's the play gonna come off all that kind of pretty straightforward narrative stuff. And now we're looking at like the sort of post covid George floyd like the impact that has had filming actually in new york city in the bronx and brooklyn well with kids. So that film. And then i'm working on a subpoena film about parole with Jesse sweet so. And then i don't know i'm always looking for stuff. Cool will ricky. Thank you so much great to finally be able to do this. Thank you thank you neck..

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